18 Photos Casually Taken In Front Of Devastating Disasters

In any other time in history, witnessing a disaster would fill us with feelings of empathy, fear, and discomfort.

It’s a very natural reaction to have; in fact, if we were respond to disaster in a way that revealed a total lack of concern, we would most likely be perceived as cold, callous and hard-hearted.

Or at least that’s the way it used to be before the age of social media. In this day and age, we are desperate to add a decent snap to our various social media pages, despite how morally questionable it might be. Think Logan Paul-esque videos which exploit tragedies without a second thought…

Yes, we’re so desperate for attention online that we will go as far as to take a picture in front of a disaster just to prove we were actually there when it happened.

Take a look at the ten most terrifying photos taken just moments before disaster:

Now without further ado, here are 18 photos casually taken in front of potentially fatal disasters. Brace yourself, for some of them are truly horrendous…

1. No one has ever been happier to see a fire

And the sunglasses add a nice finishing touch.

2. Is it worse that it’s her own car?

Never has she had a better profile picture…

3. They know the drill

Nothing shocks them anymore.

4. Nothing to complete a beach snap like a blazing fire

Henceforth, I believe it should be a must for all beach snaps.

5. Finally, one guy who actually looks devastated to witness disaster

Maybe a little too devastated…

6. She’s chuckling like it’s so funny

I wonder who started the fire…

7. A thumbs up to you too

I guess every cloud has a silver lining…

8. Kitties like disasters too

That is one hell of a photo…

9. Look at that sly little smirk

Aww, she’s little – she doesn’t know any better. (Or maybe she’s just pure evil?)

10. A selfie stick to make the photo even more ridiculous

And don’t forget the matching jackets…

11. What a Happy New Year that must have been

Pretty inappropriate though…

12. Nothing makes her smile more than a building on fire

She’ll treasure that photo forever…

13. Just casually taking a photo in front of a raging fire

“But let me take a swig of this beer first…”

14. The peace sign says it all

Nothing says peace like things catching fire…

15. Just to prove he got caught in a storm

Could this photo be any more impressive?

16. Because that’s exactly how I’d react if I saw someone drowning…

Just think of the engagement you’d get with that as your profile pic…

17. There’s always one person who refuses to panic during a disaster

This guy’s clearly one of them.

18. What’s better than taking a selfie in front of a disaster

Taking a group selfie with your gal pals in front of a disaster.

So it turns out that us humans have a pretty exceptional ability to switch off any kind of empathy and concern when it comes to taking the most unforgettable snaps. In fact, some of these people were willing to risk their own safety just so that they could impress their followers with their dramatic lives and bizarre antics.

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