18 Perfect Coincidences That Prove There Must Be A Higher Power At Work

We have always been a world impressed by coincidences. And it’s no wonder – they happen so rarely that we’re left in awe when they do occur.

It might also be because some coincidences are so spectacular and mind-blowing that they seem almost magical!

I mean, I’m definitely not the only one who thinks “there must be a God after all” when I “forget” to finish an assignment for college, and my professor ends up not showing up that day. It sort of feels like the universe is on my side.

Sometimes coincidences are totally and utterly bizarre, some have us in fits of laughter for hours on end, and others are low-key works of art.

Check out this guy who coincidentally found himself in one of his fiancée’s childhood photos:

So, without further ado, here are 18 incredible coincidences that actually happened:

1. Killed by nail biting

There’s a morbid coincidence if ever I saw one. A great way to start the morning commute.

2. Because we all long for an outfit that matches a waiting room carpet

At least they don’t clash…

3. That indescribable feeling when you realize your hair and your coworker’s hair fit together like a puzzle

It’s definitely something to tell the grandkids…

4. A “well-placed” ice cream used to mean straight from the shop and into my mouth. Now it means this…

No, Gene Simmons isn’t lolling his tongue for the sake of it, he’s eating ice cream, duh!

5. No, that isn’t a fence in the background

It’s actually a lake…

6. A happy coincidence

The eyebrows may need some extra shaping though…

7. When a photo taken of the most important birthday you’ll ever have captures this:

A pickpocket in action…

8. Can your parting do this? No, I didn’t think so.

We’ll just ignore the fact that this is clearly a painting, and therefore planned (i.e. not a coincidence.)

9. Hey, this little bird has every right to be there

It’s not like he’s “robin” the store.

10. Whose sick joke was it to ship iceberg lettuce from a company called “Titanic”

I’m crying tears of laughter. Practically drowning…

11. When your outfit matches both sides of the floor, you must respond by doing this…

It’s the right thing to do.

12. It took me way longer to realize than I care to admit that there are, in fact, two people in this picture

No, that isn’t an impossibly long beard. Shocking, right?

13. When your outfit’s so basic that you can’t stop blending into sh*t

The most mundane sh*t at that.

14. She’s a “mini” mouse

And I thought the biggest coincidence about Minnie Mouse was that she had the same last name as her man.

15. Nature is so damn versatile

Frida Kahlo, is that you?

16. Firefighters deserve all the praise they can get

They truly are angels in disguise.

17. Back in my day, fish lived in the sea

Oh, how things change…

18. Is that an actual tree sprouting out of his head

Indeed, it is.

So there you have it: coincidences can be found pretty much anywhere, but the biggest coincidence of them all is that these pictures were snapped precisely the right time.

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