18 People Who Got The Complete Opposite Of What They Were Expecting In 2017

In some ways, 2017 was a pretty decent year. I mean, we had Warren Beatty’s hilarious Oscar blunder right at the start of the year, the impressive, albeit expensive iPhone X was released and then, of course, there was the royal engagement announcement.

However, in many ways, we were all totally screwed over these last 12 months because a lot of us got the complete opposite of what we were expecting in 2017.

Here are the most infuriating examples of disappointment to occur this year:

1.  Whoever thought this was a good idea was totally bananas

But hey, it was gluten-free – you can’t fault them on that.

2. A bed? It’s barely even a cushion

Does he look like a chihuahua?

3. He thought they were a sick pair of sneakers

“A pair of slippers? Do I look like Cinderella?”

This next person really crossed the line when they totally screwed over a small defenseless child. What has the world come to?!

4. Her niece wasn’t worthy of a decent cake

But she’s only turning a year old, so she hasn’t yet developed the ability to be offended.

5. It truly was a hopeless endeavor

It’s like a revamped purity ring fit for the abstinent teens of 2017.

6. Was this man totally screwed over?

Or is he secretly a giant looking for a refund?

Amazon is usually a pretty reliable site that has helped millions of people around the world purchase items they probably couldn’t have found in their local towns. Sometimes, however, they well and truly f*ck things up.

7. When Amazon thinks you’re a Barbie girl…

…in a Barbie world.

8. Something fishy is going on with this order

When they take your order far too literally.

9. Terrific in theory

Turned out to be a load of crap in reality…

In an ideal world, the customer is always right. However, we do not live in an ideal world as proven by pizza delivery guy.

10. When your go-to pizza order is declined for no good reason

Their customer service is incomparable…

11. When you unintentionally opt for the bare minimum

Pizza has been ruined for me… forever.

12. It’s not so much adorable as totally and utterly monstrous

But then you should never judge a book by its cover.

Shopping online may be hella inconvenient, but you definitely have to use it at your peril. Unless you want to be as disappointed as this fashionable teen.

13. A total cop-out

“But I could have gotten these anywhere…”

14. Even giants would be asking for their money back

But hey, at least they were the right color.

15. Well, that isn’t totally random at all

Hey, they did receive a nice family photo – you can’t fault them on that.

Here’s another classic example of why you should never have your cake delivered to you – they’ll disappoint you almost every time.

16. Disappointment knows no bounds in 2017

I’d be a very bitter seven-year-old if that had been my gift.

17. No thanks

At least no expenses were made for this ‘purchase’.

18. Now that’s just peachy

When all you wanted was some Vitamin C.

So there you have it 18 people who got the complete opposite of what they were after in 2017.

You could argue that us millennials are simply insatiable for materialistic possessions and thus disappointment is inevitable but seriously these guys had one job!

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