18 People Who Probably Won’t Have A Job In 2018

There are plenty of ways things can go wrong at work. If you work in an office and the internet goes down, then you’re all f**ked. Or if you’re, say, an Uber driver, and the vehicle suddenly breaks down, you’ll be left with a very unhappy customer.

However, I can say with total confidence that no one has ever screwed up at work as much as the following unfortunate employees…

1. Gives the term ‘chicken run’ a whole new meaning

How does this even happen?

2. What’s worse than raw chicken being strewn across the road? Broken glass!

That must have been a riot to clear up! And I love beer and wings…

3. Flat tires are the bane of everyone’s existence

Especially when the entire thing is bigger than your average human.

Although the lazy people amongst us would love to have fewer responsibilities at work, this woman is basically employed to sit on her butt all day. There’s no bigger failure than that.

4. She’s not so much a failure as completely redundant

Who would have through Olympic swimmers DIDN’T need a lifeguard?!

5. Now that’s embarrassing

The best way to undermine a serious news reporter.

6. Every day is Black Friday in this store

Trying to find a matching pair is beyond a nightmare.

Pets are not allowed in most offices and for good reason. They distract people from their work, they set off allergies and there’s no telling where they will try to sh*t.

7. Alright I know it’s Christmas, but who let a reindeer into the office?

Because surely that’s not allowed…

8. All he wanted to do was vacuum the cobwebs away

Then somehow this happened…

9. How are we going to eggs-plain this?

Let’s just blame the vegans!

Some of the mistakes people make on the job are truly unforgivable. In fact, this next epic failure of an employee clearly needs to go back to the third grade because this is an insanely cringeworthy mistake.

10. I think I know who failed their maths class

Because 30 subtract 20 is basically the same as dividing by two.

11. A new marketing strategy?

Or just plain incompetence?

12. Wrong!

He can tell his right from his left, but he wouldn’t have gone far in a six-year-old’s Spelling Bee.

We all make mistakes, however, I do wonder how these people didn’t manage to notice their glaring error while they were making it.

13. They like to keep their customers on their toes

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

14. ‘Soda is soda’ is the philosophy that this man lives by 

It would have been worse if they were cans of Pepsi.

15. Winter body ready

Because your feet would appreciate the breeze during a blizzard.

If you’re someone who makes educational books for children for a living, you might want to double check that you’re imparting correct knowledge into their impressionable little minds.

16. Because there is an ‘I’ in ‘Fail’

There’s no excuse for this.

17. What a way to celebrate Oreo’s 100th birthday

What even is Nilla?!

18. Well, that’s totally useless

But hey, at least they tried.

So there you have it, 18 people who would be pretty lucky to keep a job for more than a month because their mistakes are just that catastrophic. Then again, they all deserve a round of applause simply for making us explode in fits of laughter entirely at their expense.

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