18 Exhausted People Who Totally Regret Falling Asleep In Public

We are all guilty of falling asleep in the strangest of places. It doesn’t matter if it was influenced by a busy schedule or we’ve had a bit too much to drink, the human body cannot resist slinking into a slumber.

But while we are all victims of a peculiar nap, it doesn’t make it any less funny to see a stranger snoozing in an odd place. Naturally, as we do with every situation in the modern world, pictures are taken of the unfortunate moment that your head begins to nod and suddenly a snapshot of you slack-jawed and droopy-eyes are available for all to see.

That is exactly what happened to the following unfortunate snoozers, all of whom have some rather quirky sleeping habits…

1. Rockabye baby roadside

Sleeping on the roadside is a perilous activity in itself. But crafting a makeshift hammock dangerously close to a highway essentially suicidal.

2. Balancing act

What are friends for? To build you up and make you feel good about yourself? No, don’t be stupid. They exist to make your life a living hell.

3. Library lie down

A study session in the library comes complimentary with a brief nap, no matter how dedicated you are to your essays. You have to balance your exam preparations with a little care for your body, mind, and soul – although it’s safe to say that this guy’s spine probably isn’t enjoying this brief break.

4. Who nose where he is going

Here is photographic evidence of why you should never use public transport while intoxicated…

5. Ski snooze

Evidently, this little dude had had enough. Luckily it appears he has extremely supportive parents who don’t mind the fact that their very expensive holiday isn’t being appreciated!

6. Laying low

Driving can be exhausting, so a nap is always recommended. But, sleeping beneath your vehicle in a delicate hammock is certainly not encouraged!

7. Study slumber

If you haven’t fallen asleep in one lecture in your life, are you really human? This girl demonstrates a situation we are all familiar with.

8. I bet it was a Monday

You don’t have to be extremely smart to simply know that this photo was taken on a Monday. Whether it was taken morning or night remains unclear, but one thing is apparent: this guy needs a holiday.

9. A nap in front of the paps

Most people would do anything to be in the presence of the President of the United States. But this little chap was clearly underwhelmed by the experience. We bet his parents are proud!

10. Hollywood halftime

Chrissy Teigen is one of Hollywood’s most honest celebrities. So when she fell asleep at the Oscars in 2017 nobody was surprised because what the cameras don’t show is how extremely boring the ceremony can be.

11. Celebrity kip

With their busy schedules, it is no wonder that celebrities fall asleep in the most unlikely of places. So can we really blameĀ Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien for catching up on his Z’s?

12. Table timeout

Every day at work, most ordinary people (even those who love their job) dream of just being able to sleep. We have all wished it was possible to do as this woman has, but the chances are that you’d only be able to get away with it once!

13. Tired on the toilet

Children fall asleep in the most bizarre of places with absolutely no shame. Taking five in the middle of a packed restaurant? Acceptable. Snoozing at the dinner table? Allowed. But, falling into a slumber on the loo? That is where the line is drawn!

14. A nice nap

For years, mattress companies have been telling us that we need to invest in a well-cushioned bed that can support our spines. However, in one simple picture, this man appears to have denounced that entirely.

15. Canine kipĀ 

It is not just humans that fall foul to a peculiar snooze, dogs are also guilty. Check out this pampered pooch who thought this guitar case looked more comfortable than his own bed.

16. Sir, are you sure you’re okay to drive?

This puppy is a true representation of all of us when we’re stuck in traffic!

17. This will do perfectly

Despite having been bought a perfectly good puppy bed, this little chap prefers to nestle himself between a chair and table!

17. Children are at it again

If you thought it couldn’t get any better, then this video is going to prove to you that it absolutely can. Watch as these children become victims of sleep with hilarious results!

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