18 Absolutely Satisfying Pictures Of Things Organized By Color

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been a long week for me. Going to work takes its toll on all of us, and amidst all the meetings, commuting and getting told off by your boss, it’s not difficult to see why the stress piles up. Sometimes, I can wait until the day is one before setting in for a nice drink and some delightful conversation, but on occasion, I like to do something relaxing in the middle of the day to help me chill out.

I might take a walk outside, and if I’m lucky enough with the weather, sometimes I’ll get to see a nice rainbow. There’s something inherently soothing about a perfectly arranged color wheel, and while sometimes they occur naturally, it’s way cooler when someone arranges colored objects in such a satisfying way. Take a look at these examples, and prepare for your stress levels to drop all the way back to zero.

1. Candy in a color wheel

2. Just about the perfect library

3. Pomegranate seeds, arranged in a spectrum of red

4. Here are some shirts, assorted perfectly by their color…

5. …Perfectly arranged to go right in your wardrobe

6. 16 Crayons, almost as nice to watch as 16 Candles

7. I can’t tell you why, but I know 

8. Shopping in rainbows would make Halloween much easier to manage

9. These arranged drinks look so cool I almost don’t want to disturb them

10. Kudos for the wavy pattern on these peppers

11. This would take too long for me to arrange. I’d definitely lose my marbles

12. On the left, red strawberries, on the right, yellow lemons. In the middle, orange… oranges

13. Now this is my kind of bookshelf

14. This would greatly improve my tea time

15. This arrangement is app-solutely genius

16. It’s the perfect chromatic pyramid!

17. Of course, gummy bears are great, but color-coordinated gummy bears are next level

18. These cereal squares are too cute!

There have been countless hours devoted into the study of color psychology, and it’s been found that different colors invoke different emotions in all of us. That being said, the above photos may have sent you into a mix of emotions, but with any luck, they’ll help you feel right as rain this afternoon.

Happy Friday, everybody! Let’s hope you’re nice and relaxed now to welcome in the weekend.

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