17 Type of Roommates You Will Live with at Some Point in Your Life

Ahhh roommates, what a strange phenomenon. It's a sad reflection of the housing crisis that major cities are experiencing at the moment, that the majority of us end up shacked up in four-bed houses, with no living room and a bunch of strangers. Excluding heading off to college, a third of Millennials have moved more than three times before the age of 30 and that doesn't show any signs of slowing down, as the price of both renting and buying drive young people to move to more affordable areas.

Living with roommates can be tough, or it can be utterly hilarious. Sometimes you will lock horns and everything that they do ends up winding you up, or you can become best buds and the whole thing runs perfectly. If you have ever lived in a houseshare then this list is for you. Below, you will see every type of roommate you will come across during your time on earth.

1. The person who is never there

You live with this person, but they are literally never in the house, apart from that one time when you ran into them on the landing and were convinced they were a burglar.

2. The controller

The controller is likely to want to pay every single bill you get, so that they can claim cashback and will continuously send around texts in the house group chat stating: "Guys, seriously, I went into the kitchen this morning and I thought I had entered a warzone. There was a knife next to the sink and some crumbs on the countertop, can we PLEASE try harder."


3. The clean freak

"Ahhh, what is that smell? Oh yes, just the lovely whiff of bleach burning through our synthetic carpet, I guess that means Jasmine is home!" The clean freak will douse your house in so much chemical formula that the inside of your nose will burn off and the house will become a health hazard due to toxic fumes.

4. The person who just survives

Right, this person is absolutely insane. They survive on a diet that purely consists of biscuits and water, but for some reason they're never ill.

5. The one who loves a one night stand

It's a Sunday morning, which means you have a new housemate for the day. It becomes a weekly thing that you are joined for breakfast by a new guy/girl, who you will never see again but for the four hours you were together, it was a truly magical friendship.


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