17 Times People Got Instant Karma After Being Total Douche Bags

It can sometimes feel like those dastardly few who swan through life, gaining favour and material goods at the expense of others never get their comeuppance.

This is rather frustrating for the more upstanding, benign members of society who work doggedly and to the letter of the righteous and proper way of doing things, only to be trampled on by those rule breaking raconteurs hurtling toward the procurement of their ill-gotten gains.

This list, then is for you, the benevolent – some would say too nice – paradigm of all that is good and pure in this murky, dog eat dog world; sit back, relax, and smile a knowing smile of justice as we recount the very best times that some questionable characters got served their just desserts.

1. I don’t think you’re getting hired

2. I’m more worried about the dog!

3. Just a bit of harmless fun

4. The “No Parking” sign wins again

5. Holy smokes!

6. In my younger and more vulnerable years…

7. Is sugar a carb?

8. Probably would have been quicker to just wait in the traffic

9. When you park in someone else’s designated space

10. Finally

11. You would have thought he learned from the last guy

12. Drivers everywhere will love this

13. They were just trying to help

14. This guy made an ass of himself

15. Just not worth it, is it?

16. Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you

17. I’m not sure anyone is going to be rushing to help you

Well that was satisfying. A wonderful compilation of times that people tried to cut corners to get ahead and came unstuck (or literally got stuck), much to everyone else’s amusement.

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