17 Pictures That Girls From The ’00s Will Find Hilariously Painful

Some people say that high school represents the best years of your life, and if by “best”, they mean “the absolute worst”, I’m inclined to agree with those them. For me, the precocious and often painful process of growing up occurred in the mid-2000s, with the Twilight books, terrible fringe haircuts and Chuck Norris memes all soundtracked by a cheesy Green Day song (either American Idiot or Holiday). As a result, I’m kind of glad I only really got into Facebook from 2010 onwards.

Of course, I’m a guy; I can’t even begin to imagine how it must have been for my female counterparts growing up in the same decade. The first 10 years of the 21st century was filled with cringeworthy pieces of pop culture, including boybands, terrible fashion tips and, of course, Sex and the City. Girls, you might’ve put those embarrassing memories of the 00’s behind you, but allow me to take you on an uncomfortable trip down Memory Lane with this hilariously painful reminders of the 90s.

1. You just lost The Game

2. Thankfully, baked bean pizzas are no longer a thing

3. Oh wow, remember those Christina Aguilera eyebrows? They were atrocious

4. These are Taylor Swift’s Myspace pics, but yours were undoubtedly just as bad

5. Jessica Simpson, and Tuna-gate

6. Those weird, gooey aliens that never lived up to their potential

7. Victoria Beckham’s questionable fashion sense

8. Hair straighteners, and the ever-existing threat of horrible burns while using them

9. Those boybands… some of which aged better than others

10. When Paris and Nicole Hilton were on the Simple Life

11. That DIY hair bleaching kit that mostly didn’t work

12. Fake tans – not only did they not work properly half the time…

13. …They left stains everywhere as well

14. Those non-sharpening pencils, that became virtually useless once you lost one of the leads

15. Logging in to MSN Messenger (or appearing offline to talk to that special someone)

16. UGG boots. Enough said

17. When Prince William used to be single… and had hair

Looking through your old Facebook photos from when you were young is always an exercise in humiliation. The hairstyles and poses you used to generously employ look awful now, and we had a load of terrible trends in the last decade. That being said, girls: count your lucky stars that you didn’t grow up in the 90s. It was much worse then.

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