17 Myths You Learned from Movies That Just Aren’t True

You'd be surprised by how much we learn about the world through movies. We see them from a young age, and continue to flock to see them in our teens. As we get a little older though, we begin to understand that dinosaurs weren't really brought back to life, and the time-travelling Austrian killer robots aren't a real threat, but there are actually far more things we take for granted that are completely false.

There are a plethora of myths in movies that continue to be told year after year, and they tend to be things you take for granted. Whether or not these things will actually come up in your day-to-day life, these little lies are enough to twist your view of the world around you. So it's time to debunk some of these pesky untruths.

1. A stopped heart can be restarted by a defibrillator

What do TV and movie doctors do as soon as a patient's heart stops? Well, they grab the defibrillator of course! It turns out this is completely useless in real life, as a defibrillator technically stops the heart. It's used when the heart rate is irregular or running too fast. Once a patient flat-lines, shocking them is the last thing you want to do.

2. Chloroform knocks you out immediately

Chloroform is the go-to way of kidnapping in the movies. Apparently all you have to do is soak a rag in the stuff, hold it over someone's mouth for a few seconds, then they will be out for the next few hours. Nope!

It turns out it takes closer to five minutes for the chemical to take hold, and even then you'll only lose consciousness for a short while. The amount that you would need varies greatly depending on the weight and circulation of the person, and at best you'll knock them out for 10 minutes, disorient them a bit and give them a pretty bad headache.

3. Dual wielding guns is effective

It is hard enough to aim one gun and hit the target, especially in a tense situation, so when you bring in double the instruments to use and half the hand support - you know your aim is going to be way off. In reality, dual wielding only really happens in the realm of trick shooters and performers. In an actual gunfight you'd be giving yourself a severe disadvantage by trying it out.

4. You must wait 24 hours before reporting a missing person

While you might not get much sympathy for reporting someone has been missing for 15 minutes, you can report a missing person whenever you want. If you have concerns, you should contact the authorities immediately, rather than waiting for a whole day to pass. Your local police will file a report even if it's too soon to tell.

5. A door can be unlocked by shooting it

In a hot pursuit, there's one trick that will always work for action heroes stuck in a tough spot: shooting out the lock. The reality is that padlocks are thick and often made of iron, which a handgun wouldn't do much harm to. While a high calibre rifle may do the job, at best all a handgun will do is dent the lock or jam it shut. Not exactly a smooth move.


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