17 Mind-Boggling Photos That Are Guaranteed To Make You Look Twice

Have you ever taken a photo, looked at it, and thought something’s not quite right here? The following photos are like that. Whether it’s a clever trick or accidental optical illusion, a few of these are guaranteed to totally freak you out!

Seriously, I have been staring at a few of them for a long time now, and I still can’t quite wrap my head around what the heck is going on. Give these 17 photos a look, trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Although you might be totally confused…

1. That cat is huge!

Just when you wonder what they’re feeding him, you realize that cat is sitting on a table and not a rug.

2. Wow! They really like each other!

I don’t know about you, but my friends don’t usually go in for a crotch grab.

3. Um, what happened to her legs?

Okay, count the ladies, then count the legs. Is it just me or do the numbers not add up?

4. Guys, I think I found Spider Woman

This woman definitely has too many legs. Hey, do you think that’s where the missing legs in the previous photo went?

If you think having extra legs is totally whack, then check out the next picture where there are definitely too many heads. They always say two heads are better than one, right?

5. A new breed of kitty?

Two heads but only one stomach. I wonder, do they still fight over treats?

6. A headless horseman for the modern age?

I guess he ditched the horse and just takes public transport now.

7. Check out this dog-man!

I guess if you’ve lost your head, you can always replace it with your dog’s.

8. Is that an invisible man?

Talk about coordinating your socks! Sheesh!

If you liked that wardrobe malfunction, check out the next photo of a ‘naked man’ on a motorcycle. Seriously, he’s just asking for road rash.

9. What happened to his clothes?

Oh, I see. Phew, thought we were in a nudist colony for a second there.

10. Look at that teeny tiny cell phone!

Either that is the world’s smallest phone or one heck of an optical illusion.

11. Check out this chameleon phone!

There’s definitely no cellphone in that cup holder, right?

12. Oh you know, just taking my bestie for a bike ride

Look at how perfectly she fits in the basket!

Okay, that one might be my favorite. Though this next one is amazing. It took a bit of work to pull off, but it is absolutely incredible!

13. Tiny objects or a really big coin? 

Trust me, it’s not the option you think it is!

14. Giants do exist!

Seriously, is that a mountain range behind her?

15. And giant dogs exist, too!

How much dog food do you think he goes through? And what happens when he sees a cat?

16. Um, what is this creature?

Wow, it took me a very long time to figure this one out, but if you turn your screen and squint a little, I think it might be a sewer mutant.

17. The offspring of Stretch Armstrong?

Look at that amazing elastic ability!

If you want one more crazy confusing, mind-bending optical illusion, check out the video below. It’ll show you a picture, but can you tell how many girls are in the photo? Most people are getting it wrong!

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