16 Times When People Brought Their Wildest Imaginations To Real Life

Art is one of the most universally dazzling mediums in the world. Unlike writing and other forms of creative expression, it’s accessible to almost everyone, and that’s why the earliest forms of storytelling came in the form of cave paintings.

Since then, our ability to create has only gone from strength to strength, and now there are new ways of amazing people with art that hadn’t existed until recently. One of these forms is 3D street art, which first began to appear back in the 1980s.

If an artist is skilled enough, 3D art can look so realistic that it’s hard to tell if what you are seeing is a painting or, in fact, reality…

1. I’d probably think twice about going into this tunnel

Or maybe I’d wait for that giant to crawl out of it. Either way, it’s definitely enough to make someone jump!

2. “Guys, there’s water coming onto the train!”

False alarm. It’s just an awesome piece of 3D art that makes the floor look like a beach.

3. You’d have thought they’d have signposted that pool

But once people realize it’s just an illusion, they probably shouldn’t try to dive into it…

4. Now that’s a street that would make any driver nervous

Let’s just hope that it can’t be viewed from this angle in a car.

What makes 3D street art so incredible is the fact that it has to be viewed at just the right angle for its full effects to become apparent. When viewed directly from above, for example, it will appear distorted. So before an artist even begins work, they need to decide on their ideal viewing point!

Check out the video below to discover how incredible pieces of 3D street art are made:

5. He’s sliding from the sky into London

It’s a good thing that slide has a cover. England has a reputation for its rain…

6. “No cats”

That looks like a much more inviting house than the ones mice usually have in walls!

7. When 3D art is used to make a point

You’d have to get super close to see this incredible piece out of focus!

8. The Ferris wheel from Hell

Someone should probably tell that couple to get off before it’s too late.

Prior to the existence of 3D street art, there was pavement art. Its origins can be traced back to Britain where, in the late 19th century, around 500 artists were able to make a living in London by impressing people with their pavement art.

9. You don’t need to fly to look like a bird

If you know a seriously talented 3D street artist, you can do it without even standing up from the ground.

10. That’s a pretty unusual place for a shark tank

Oh wait, I see it now. You have to hand it to this artist – that’s a seriously clever idea for a piece of 3D art.

11. Art makes the everyday extraordinary

I bet this kid was delighted when they saw how cool they looked thanks to this piece of 3D art.

12. Pacman is easier to play when you’re a human

You can just jump over the walls instead of backtracking whenever you spot the ghosts.

When 3D art was simply pavement art, it was typically centered around current events and often included some kind of commentary – such as a poem, proverb or lesson on morality – related to what it depicted. It was this commentary which made it appeal to the upper classes (while still allowing it to be enjoyed by the poor) and enabled artists to make a living from this medium. The more you know!

13. Who knew Sprite could be so cool?

I hope this artist was paid well by Sprite for creating such an incredible ad.

14. All the fun of whitewater rafting

But without any of the danger. Sometimes there’s more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to getting epic pictures.

15. This poor dolphin’s got a pool smaller than the ones at Seaworld

Maybe the artist wanted to make a point about the cruelty of captivity. That, or they only had a little space to work with.

16. The most realistic piece of 3D art on this list

Let’s hope that the New Yorkers on the street below were able to shout some sense into this guy before he jumped.

These days, it’s easy to forget to look up from your phone and at the world around you. That’s why 3D street art is so brilliant. It’s eye-catching and it makes people smile, reminding them that the things we can create with our imaginations are even more dazzling than our online worlds.

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