16 Men Reveal The Most Scandalous Promises They Broke To Their Trusting Girlfriends

When you’re in a relationship, there are certain things that are expected of you. You’re expected to compromise, to be open and honest and most importantly, to keep your promises.

Unfortunately, keeping certain promises can end up being an almost impossible feat.

The thing is we often overestimate ourselves and think that we are capable of keeping a certain promise until we inevitably fall flat on our faces.

And that’s something that many men in relationships can relate to.

Take a read of the following confessions by men who made promises to their girlfriends, only to break them soon afterward:

1. A broken promise that will eventually break them up for good

He was probably hoping that she would conform to that classic stereotype that all women have some kind of inherent maternal instinct. It turns out this particular woman doesn’t…

2. A true double whammy

I’m hoping he hooked up with them after he and his girlfriend broke up. But then again, if he did the dirty while he was still with his girl, it’ll be a sick story for the grandkids. Just not their grandkids.

3. As the age-old adage goes: boys will be boys

Unfortunately, he didn’t reveal what happened after she found him passed out in her garden with sick all over him. It was probably brutal…

When you’re breaking a promise to a girlfriend, it might be easy to talk yourself into it by reasoning that your girlfriend was just being overly naggy to begin with. However, this probably won’t help your guilty conscience much.

4. Lol, he so doesn’t care about keeping promises. What an alpha!

No woman is worth giving up your daily high or keeping promises apparently.

5. One of the worst promises to break in a relationship

But he feels ‘guilty’ so that makes it all okay…

And while cheating is bad, stories about cheating are endlessly juicy and entertaining. Take a look at this insane footage of a boyfriend being caught cheating on Live TV in the video below:

6. He’s as reliable as a Jack Russell Terrier during a robbery

This one’s actually quite sweet, and hey, at least he’s trying (and failing) to keep his promise.

Sometimes breaking promises can be as trivial as skipping ahead in your favorite TV series. But hey, a promise is a promise.

7. Really? Was it that hard to wait?

But I guess what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Hopefully, he’ll be able to keep any spoilers to himself without spilling the beans.

8. I think we know who’s at fault here

And it’s not the boyfriend. She broke an even bigger promise.

9. He just can’t look past it

They say honesty is always the best policy in a relationship, but in this case, it’s probably not…

Certain promises could never have been kept in the first place because they are literally impossible to keep. And it would be totally unreasonable for any partner to expect their loved one to keep this ‘promise’.

10. An impossible promise to keep

Expecting someone to ‘stop being bisexual’ is no better than expecting someone to stop being gay.

11. It was just too tempting

But I’m sure she’ll find a way to get over his treachery. Somehow…

12. At least he’s honest about it. Oh, wait…

She’ll find out eventually, my friend, she’ll find out. And when she does, it won’t be pretty…

Some broken promises are pretty justifiable but sad all the same.

13. It’s a personal issue

A personal issue that has filtered into their relationship. Hopefully, he’ll soon find the courage to get the help he needs.

14. It’s an addiction like any other

Hopefully, he will find a way to stop before it ruins their relationship for good.

15. He’s madder than mad

This will only end in resentment, bitterness and a lot of tears. In precisely that order.

16. Giving up smoking is never easy

But neither is making the decision to deceive your girlfriend.

The moral of the story here is “don’t break promises to your girlfriend” or any partner for that matter. That is unless you want to have a guilty enough conscience that you’ll resort to anonymously confessing your broken promises to the internet.

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