16 Times The Food Companies Tried To Pull A Fast One On Us

There is no greater betrayal in this world than that of the betrayal concerning our beloved food. Just as we’re sitting down to the dinner table, looking forward to a wonderful meal, you discover that the food manufacture has misplaced your trust and served you up a meal of disappointment and regret.

This is a classic case of EXPECTATIONS VS REALITY, in which the reality was worse than we could ever have imagined. Grab the tissue, because these images will bring a tear to food lovers everywhere. The food Gods were not smiling down on anyone when these photos were taken…

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 13.19.06

16. The Greatest Betrayal In Pizza History

The rest of the pepperoni better be very well hidden under all that cheese.

Next: The sandwich that proves it really is on the inside that counts…

Dissapointing 15

15. Egg Sandwich: 1 –  You: 0

When was this sandwich made? During the great egg famine of ’09?


14. The Most Tragic Watermelon To Roll The Earth

Yet another reason not to eat fruit. A cheese toastie would never let me down in this kind of way.

Dissapointing 2

13. The Saddest Pop Tart I’ve Ever Seen

I hope this is meant to be an unfrosted pop tart with some complimentary frosting, as opposed to the saddest frosted pop tart in history.

Dissapointing 4

12. When Even Your Cookie Thinks You Should Be On A Diet

The only thing that could make this worse, is if that turned out to be a raisin.

Dissapointing 16

11. I Feel Like They’ve Forgotten Something…

Cheese-less cheese sticks anyone?

Dissapointing 5

10. Excuse Me Sir, Where’s The Rest Of My Filling?

This taco is basically just an empty folded tortilla chip.

Dissapointing 6

9. So, It’s An 11 Inch Long Then?

When your foot long is an inch short.

Dissapointing 7

8. But the insides are the best part!

Twinkie deception.

Dissapointing 8

7. No Breakfast Should Let You Down Like This

This muffin looks like it’s having a worse day than you.

Dissapointing 14

6. Who Are You Kidding? That’s Not A Chicken Burger

That’s just a chicken nugget in a bun.

Dissapointing 9

5. Where’s The Rest Of It?

When you pay for a large, but the only thing that’s large is the box.

Dissapointing 10

4. Massive Bun, Or Tiny Sausage?

Classic case of “well I thought it would be bigger”.

Dissapointing 11

3. This Better Be Some Sort Of Sick Joke

If you’re going to coat a burger in cheese at least do it properly!

Dissapointing 12

2. When You’re Conned Into Buying Air

On no wait, I think I see a chip in there.

Dissapointing 13

1. That Stone Better Be Pregnant With A Second Avocado

Almost not worth the effort of peeling this.

If you think those meals were disappointing then you haven’t seen nothing yet. Take a peak at this video of a woman enjoying some live scorpions skewered on a stick.

Now that really is my idea of a food fail, though in all fairness, she seems to be enjoying them and that’s all that matters I suppose.

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