16 Really Weird Things Everyone Does On Dating Apps, But Doesn’t Admit

As the year is 2017 and dating apps are becoming more and more popular, at this point it's fairly likely that you've used one at least once in your life. Perhaps they weren't for you, or perhaps they've been the only reason you've had any sort of love life for the past few years.

Either way, we're all guilty of doing these 16 semi-embarrassing things while using dating apps... even if we won't admit to it.

1. Using your dating app while on the toilet 

You sit there for extended periods of time, just swiping left and right and wondering, 'what if I meet my future spouse on this right now? At our wedding will I tell everyone that I first saw her face while taking a poop?'

2. Overreacting when you accidentally swipe left on someone you meant to swipe right on

You have a ridiculously dramatic sense of regret the moment after your finger slips, and you wonder... were they 'the one'?

3. Blatantly lying on your profile by saying that you "love travelling"

Maybe you do love travelling, but you also haven't left your country of residence in years and have barely even left your home in the past few days.

4. Swiping right on someone who has swiped left on you before

You do this in the hopes that they'll swipe right this time and confirm your secret suspicion that you've recently undergone a beautiful transformation.


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