16 People Reveal The Most Savage Ways They Were Rejected 

Getting rejected is one of the worst things that can happen to you; you feel unbelievably embarrassed and instantly want the ground to swallow you up and take you away from the horrific situation you find yourself in. When you get rejected, you can’t help but try and find things that are wrong with yourself; was it my hair? Does my breath smell? Am I too intense? It’s probably a mixture of all of those things, to be honest (I am joking, of course).

However, while getting rejected hurts at the time, it is often something we can look back on later in life and laugh at. You remember the moment it happened, giggle at how stupid you were and how hung up on that person you got.

So, when there was an AskReddit thread on some of the most brutal ways people have been rejected, the answers were as cringeworthy and hilarious as you would imagine. Take a look at some of the best below.

1. Is that really how it works?

2. Santa Claus has turned into a savage

3. I mean as if the rejection wasn’t enough…

4. The most out of order joke in the world?

5. This seems a bit extreme

6. So not only was he an jerk, he was also racist

7. To be fair, you would want to know what they look like first

8. I want to know what the situation was here

9. At least you’re understanding of why

10. Rejected before you even had a chance

11. A level up from the friend zone

12. Nothing like leaving it late

13. What a kick in the teeth

14. Keep telling yourself they were tears of laughter

15. God, they got together quickly

16. Kids are the worst 

Wow, some of those were hard to read. At least you now know it’s not only you who has had to deal with these kind of situations; it’s a horrible experience to go through. To see another example of ruthless rejection, why not check out this guy who was savagely rejected by his girlfriend when he proposed to her?

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