16 Of Taylor Swift’s Now-Deleted Instagram Posts That We Will Never Get Over

Last month, Taylor Swift broke the internet by deleting everything from her social media accounts and her official website. This prompted many fans to make a series of “blank space” related puns and wonder if this was some kind of sign.

Well, it definitely was a sign. As a few of us suspected, Taylor Swift had scheduled a release date for her sixth album Reputation and was about to drop her very first single off the new album, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’.

In the song and video, she proclaims that the “old Taylor Swift” is dead. Ahh the old Taylor swift – the curly-haired, cowboy boot-wearing starlet who impressed her young fans with songs like ‘Love Story’ and ‘Our Song’.

But guess what – this new album is set to mark an even more monumental shift in genre than her 2014 album 1989 did. And while a lot of her fans are still bitterly disappointed, the rest of us are totally down for it.

The old Taylor Swift might be dead, and her old Instagram photos might have seemingly perished with her, but nothing on the internet can be permanently deleted. Especially not if you’re a 10-time Grammy award winning superstar like Taylor.

So, without further ado, I present you with 16 of Taylor Swift’s Instagram photos which may have been erased from the internet but will never be erased from our hearts…

1. Taylor’s first-ever Instagram photo

Taylor now has 103 million followers and counting. She’s an Instagram sensation, and it all started with this beautiful photo of her beloved grandmother.

2. How could we ever forget her 2014 Halloween costume?

She dressed as a pegacorn and never looked better!

3. Remember when Olivia Benson was a tiny little kitten?

We couldn’t decide if we were more envious of Taylor or the little kitty!

4. The photo she posted of herself wearing minimal makeup was everything

And Olivia Benson was just the icing on the cake!

Taylor Swift has the sixth most-followed Instagram account in the world. We just can’t get enough of her throwback photos, pics of her squad and her selfies. And we’re still waiting in the hope that she will one day post a picture of her and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn…

While the old Taylor Swift is undeniably dead, we’ll always have the following photos to remember her by…

5. Remember that time when Taylor’s other cat Dr. Meredith Grey assaulted Tay Tay?

And then owed her 4o million bucks…

6. We all know that Ed Sheeran is one Taylor’s Showbiz besties

But we never knew that they tend to spit lyrics to each other via text message.

7. No one on Earth could forget the day Ms. Taylor Swift reached a quarter of a century years old

Very few people will achieve what she has by the time they turn 25…

8. A personal favorite of mine 

Taylor met Ina Garten, and of course they cooked together!

The first few videos Taylor posted to Instagram after the purge of her old photos were of a slimy, sinister snake. You know, the kind of snake that people accused her of being after she was “caught out” on a recording which proved that Kanye double-checked with her that the lyrics “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex” were fine to use.

Although Taylor is a megastar who is used to selling platinum albums, she’s just like the rest of us! Well, kind of…

9. When Taylor showed us that she really isn’t a morning person

And that even in a pair of glasses, she slays!

10. Every true Taylor Swift fan loves her best friend from school, Abigail.

And they’ll also know that she sang about her bestie in the song ‘Fifteen’.

11. Tay was just as excited as we were to get her hands on a copy of 1989

She legit went to Target and purchased her then-new album.

12. Meet Leo, Taylor’s godson

We were all so pleased for Taylor when Jaime King asked her to be the godmother of her son.

When I went to my very first Taylor Swift concert, she gave everyone in the crowd synchronised bracelets which all lit up at exactly the same time. We felt so privileged! But then that’s just Taylor all over – giving, giving giving. Apart from when she took away all her Instagram photos…

Although I’m definitely one of those whiny fans who misses Taylor’s old music, I’m digging the new sassier, sexier and more carefree look that she’s got going on these days. But I’d give anything to see her in one of those sparkly dresses she used to wear in her Fearless era.

13. And of course this had to be number 13

I wonder what the new Taylor Swift’s favorite number is…

14. It’s hard to imagine these days, but there was a time when Kanye and Taylor were kinda friends

And he gave her a big bunch of flowers!

15. Karlie Kloss is one of Taylor’s closest Victoria’s Secret model friends

And when Karlie turned 23, Taylor couldn’t help but congratulate her… while sharing this pic of her then-boyfriend, Calvin Harris.

16. Remember when T-Swizzle hung out with everyone’s favorite gossip girl, Blake Lively?

Yep, they went out on the town when they were both in Australia.

Fortunately, while these photos no longer exist on Taylor Swift’s official Instagram page, they’ll never be forgotten! And that’s because every single one of them is out there on the internet somewhere. Whether they’ve been posted on gossip sites or reposted from a fawning fan, they’re still very much in existence. Ahh isn’t it great to be a fangirl in 2017?

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