15 Unforgettable Father And Son Bonding Moments That Will Make You Laugh

I’m unsure of whether my dad ever wanted a little boy or not, all I know is that he didn’t get one. He has two girls so the house is often filled with chat about hot celebrity men and the next mac make-up release, which I’m pretty sure he secretly loves. Luckily for him I’m a massive football fan and the game has helped bring us incredibly close over the years. I often wonder if this would still be the case if I’d have had a brother, I guess we’ll never know. When I look back at our relationship I’ll picture all the super Sundays we spent watching matches side-by-side.

Everyone remembers their relationship with their father’s in different ways. These guys have a few physical photographs that will help bring back all their nostalgic memories. There’s no question about it, these guys raised their kid’s right.

1. Like father, like son. 


2. Live together, Minecraft together. 


3. “I got you son.”


4. Family photobombs, you’re doing it right. 


5. A mechanic in the making. 




6. Twins.


7. “When I grow up I want to be just like you.”


8. Man buns aren’t just for hipsters anymore. 


9. How to make babysitting extra fun. 




10. A dad who clearly isn’t afraid of over-sharing with his kids. 


11. Like father, like son 2.0.


12. Cheers.


13. There is no one who knows how to embarrass you quite like your dad.


14. Everyone needs someone to look up to. 



15. Paternal bonding taken to a whole new level. 


These guys are setting the standard for fathers everywhere. Just like this man whose reaction to his son’s choice of a stereotypically girly doll is teaching us that we should accept our children for who they are, irrespective of their gender or choices.

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