15 Selfies That Prove Why You Should Check Around You Before Taking A Pic

These days, everyone and their dog has a camera phone. With the overall increase of photos being taken each second comes an increase in the likelihood of said photos being a complete fail. If the following examples are anything to go by, we may as well give up now and go live in the woods somewhere far, far away from any machine that has the ability to log into Facebook.

If we can learn anything from these people’s unfortunate mistakes, it’s that you should always check behind, in front and beside you before you’ll allow any photo to be taken in your presence. That goes for mirrors, too. They’re always the ones to catch you out.

Oh, and more importantly, always store your dildo in a drawer. Seriously, who are all these people keeping their giant sex toys out on the bathroom counter? Surely that’s the least sexy room in the house?

1. She looks so innocent…

2. Follow the red circle

3. The red circle never lies…

4. … even this guy’s at it

5. Why do so many people leave their dildos hanging around?!

6. Always check the reflections

7. This is wrong on so many levels

8. Why is it on the toilet?!

9. eBay is a dildo minefield

10. What did I tell you? Always check reflections!

11. Mirror selfies reveal all


13. I’m not kidding

14. Internet, please learn from your mistakes

15. Don’t get the kids involved

So there you have it. The next time you feel the need to take yet another selfie when you’re bored in your bathroom, be sure to check your surroundings for signs of sex toys and bongs. Unless of course you feel like becoming a piece of viral history, in which case feel free to let as many pieces of porny paraphernalia invade your photos as possible. Proceed at your own risk. You never know where that photo may end up.

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