15 Regular People Who Dated Celebs Before They Got Famous

When it comes to fantasies and pipe dreams, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes they could date a celebrity. As professional entertainers at the top of their game, who wouldn't want to share the lifestyle of the rich and famous with a renowned musician, actor or athlete?

Unfortunately, unless Helen Mirren reverses that restraining order, I'm going to have to settle for a "normal" as a romantic partner, but spare a thought for those men and women who dated a celebrity before they shot to stardom. These people are probably kicking themselves for letting these celebrities go, as they shot to stardom and left their regular exes wondering what might have been.

1. Lyndall Locke, who dated Beyoncé before cheating on her 

2. Felicity Skinner, who used to date future One Direction star Harry Styles

3. Caitlin Beadles can count Justin Bieber among her exes

4. Sara Hicks, former squeeze of Taylor Lautner

5. Sam Armstrong, who might have inspired Taylor Swift's 2006 song Should've Said No


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