15 Really Stupid (But Equally Brilliant) Rick Grimes Jokes

11. OMG best one yet!

I just read this out to all my colleagues. At least three of them laughed.

Rick Grimes 11

12. Why am I finding these so hilarious?

What is wrong with me?

Rick Grimes 12

13. *Chuckles*

I take it all back, dad jokes are quite good.

Rick Grimes 13


Sorry am I ruining all the punch lines?

Rick Grimes 14

15. Enough, enough now.

Which is funny because that's what Rick Grimes says in Love Actually.

Rick Grimes 15

Well that was the best five minutes of my life. Of course when the dad jokes run out, there's always other dad favourites, like scaring the living daylights out of your children. Check out the video below for some totally unacceptable but ridiculously funny parent behaviour.

The dad uploaded the video alongside the caption: "any excitement he had for Halloween is now gone." It may be wrong to laugh but I'm going to anyway. It's safe to say any Halloween invitations this child receives in future will be promptly turned down.

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