15 Pictures That Will Make You Question Humanity And The World We Live In

Now and then, we’re all bound to slip up and do something stupid, but there is a certain amount of common sense that we expect from each other. It’s not about book-smarts or how good your memory is, but certain day-to-day things that people tend not to mess up.

Yet there are some who buck the trend. You’ll see someone do something so monumentally stupid that you start to re-evaluate the world around you. We’ve collected some of the most preposterous examples.

1. Someone was in a rush

2. This line seems to go on forever

3. To be fair, they are technically in between the lines

4. Maybe she should take some time to reflect on the situation

5. It’s up to us outsiders to stick together

6. They didn’t think this one through…

7. Taking window shopping to a new level

8. Sharing is caring

9. They should McDo this again

10. It’s not like there was another sign to copy…

11. Keeping those pesky UV rays at bay with this stellar technology

12. I guess maths did turn out to be important

13. I can’t decide if this is a brave soul or not

14. This ad is lacking in tact

15. It’s got to be Gerald

Better luck next time, eh? Hopefully after seeing these you’re feeling a little smarter. Next time you do something dumb, remember that you’re not the only one – there are people out there doing a lot worse right now.

If you haven’t facepalmed enough today, check out our list of the stupidest products people actually spent their money on.

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