15 People Who Proudly Posted Their New Tattoos Online And Instantly Got Burned

Whenever someone proudly shows off their brand new tattoo to me, without fail, I say “it’s brilliant”.

Perhaps this is because, if it is decidedly less than brilliant, I can’t bear to see the look on their face as the dawning realisation that they have just marked their skin – permanently – with a meaningless pattern that looks laughable at best. After all, once the tattoo is done, due to its ever-lasting nature, there really is very little to be done about it. Why, I wonder, be the one to point out a mistake that is etched onto one’s skin for time immemorial?

Possibly it would be kinder to reveal my true feelings upon seeing a nonsense tattoo, but somehow I can never bring myself to do it.

The dismay of these individuals, though, who proudly shared their brand new tattoos online, is not spared by the savage individuals who pointed out that they might not be quite as wonderful as the recipient imagined.

1. It’s never too late to take up a religion

2. When picnics are life

3. The beginning of the end

4. This is being posted everiwhere

5. Only a day out, in fairness

6. You can’t fault her logic

7. Such a simple error…

8. That’s going to take some serious shading

9. Probably the thing best known for sinking in the world

10. Yeah, that’s definitely not right

11. What’s harder to change, tattoo or birth certificate?

12. You can’t always rely on the internet 

13. So nearly a brilliant tattoo…

14. An Idiot Abroad does not approve

15. Not quite what they had in mind

Still cringing? So am I. Not all tattoos mean pain and misery, though. If you need a little pick me up after reading this, then have a look at these genius tattoos that cover up scars.

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