15 People Who Have Encountered Murderers Reveal The “Red Flags” To Watch Out For

I don’t know about you, but I am fascinated by murderers. The idea that a human could do something so heinous is captivating to those of us who have never had the urge to hurt someone.

Having watched an abundance of documentaries profiling serial killers, it’s easy to believe that all criminals exhibit “red flag” signs which can highlight their sinister intentions before they act upon them. Whether it be a penchant for inflicting pain upon other children in the playground or a taste for torturing animals, we always assume that killers fit a particular profile.

But that isn’t always necessarily the case as the following Reddit users all revealed when they shared stories about interactions they’d had with convicted murderers…

1. Workshy

“One of my bar patrons worked with Gary Ridgeway the Green River Killer. Apparently Gary would sit and read his bible at work, was quiet and anti-social. When the cops started asking around work the guys would tease him saying don’t go killing any hookers this weekend, and whatnot. When Gary finally got arrested my customer took over his job and got assigned to his desk which had Gary etched into it.”

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2. Buddy with Bundy

“My former co-worker knew Ted Bundy from a volunteer group in Washington state. Said that when he was around other people, he was handsome, charming and very polite. He’d offer to help if you needed it. Then she said towards the end of his time at the volunteer group he’d become more distant socially. She said he once offered her a ride home afterward, but that she declined cause she was being picked up by her parents that night. She didn’t know WHAT kind of killer he was until years later. She always said ‘she missed the worst ride of her life that night’.”

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3. Should have seen it coming

“My cousin went to school with Timothy McVeigh [McVeigh was an American domestic terrorist, responsible for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, the second deadliest act of terrorism in the US after the September 11 attacks. He was ]. She says he was a really creepy loner who would talk about conspiracy theories all the time.”

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This murderer was inspired by a film he’d watched…

4. Power trip

“My grandpa went to high school with BTK [Dennis Rader, also known as the BTK killer – ‘Bind, Torture, Kill’ – murdered 10 people between 1974 and 1991.] He said he was a weird guy. And after high school, he loved the power a uniform gave him, whether it was as a dog catcher or as a city official. He also said he never really liked Rader. It shocked him that he turned out to be a killer, but looking back, he said it made sense.”

5. Wrong place, wrong time

“He was a loner in one of the biggest schools in the state. He wasn’t weird or creepy or smelly or anything, but the popular kids would pick on him. He was friends with my [girlfriend], we were going to hang out one weekend, but he bludgeoned his mother to death and ran away with his [girlfriend].”

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6. Lucky escape

“I once went on a blind date which my mates set up with Tracey Andrews [in 1996, Andrews killed her fiancé after stabbing him 42 times with a pen knife after an arguement]. I thought she was ‘odd’ so didn’t arrange to see her again.” 

7. Keep it casual

“A buddy of mine was friends with the Boston Bomber at UMass Dartmouth. He says they used to hang out, drink and do normal college stuff together. One of those ‘you’d never expect it’ kind of situations. The thing that still gets me is that when he fled the scene, he briefly went back to Dartmouth to do whatever he had to do, but while there, he hit the gym with my buddy and the story was all over every news outlet on TV. He turns to my buddy at the gym and proceeds to tell him ‘How could anybody do something like this?’.”

8. It’s always the quiet ones

“Used to hang out/party with this dude, Kyle. He was nice as f*ck, super chill. Never heard of him having a problem with anyone. Smoked a LOT of weed, that’s all I was aware of, and that remains true. He is currently in jail for life, no parole. He killed a kid, stole his bank cards and car, and drove the kid’s car around with the dead body in the trunk for a week before he was arrested. Ended up charged with murder, identity fraud, felony theft, and…gross abuse of a corpse.”

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9. Nobody expected that…

“I knew a serial rapist. He was my kids’ assistant little league coach, and a great dad. One of the coolest people I knew. He loved his kids, was at all their events and worked hard as a doctor to support his family. His arrest shocked the s**t out of the whole neighborhood.”

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10. No surprises here

“About ten years before he murdered two young women, he came to our house (he was about 16 or 17) on his bicycle with a chipmunk he had hung with a rope and was swinging it around and acting weird. My brother and I were home alone and it was one time I know my brother was scared. We kept the doors locked. He peed in our grill and left. The whole time he was yelling but I’m not sure it was at us.”

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11. Runs in the family

“I knew the son of the BTK killer. He, the son, was kind of weird and kept to himself a lot, probably because people were always asking him about his dad. He never really said much about it, said he wasn’t allowed to speak of it, but he had opened up to one or two dudes. He said his dad was just a completely normal dad. Apparently his dad killed a few people before he was born, then stopped killing when the kids were born, but after the kids left the house he got bored. He started taunting police with letters and emails about how they would never catch him, well, they did. He had a shed out back with all of his trophies still. The FBI came to interview the son while he was in sub school in the navy, and until that moment, nothing like this had ever entered the sons mind about his dad.”

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12. Sinister sibling

“My brother. Murdered a person he just met in a gruesome way. He was my role model and very esteemed in our community, but he was mentally ill and one day snapped.”

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13. Off the rails

Briefly had a friend who seemed normal at first but started losing control with all kinds of drugs and booze, doing really stupid and dangerous s**t. Me and a couple friends decided not to hang out with him anymore because we didn’t want to be around when he really f**ked up. We just knew he’d do something terrible one day. There seemed to be no way to help him/calm him down. One night he wanted to come and hang out, but we told him to stay home and not drive in the intoxicated state he was in. That night he bludgeoned and suffocated his grandmother to death.”

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14. Nobody saw it coming

“I went to school with Kyle Parker who is currently accused of kidnapping a one year old Shaylyn Ammerman from her house in the middle of the night, extremely violently raping her while she was conscious. And then choking her to death and dumping her body. The thing about it was, he was seemingly in no way violent or protyped as the sort who would do this. The only semi-morbid thing which he had done was an internship in a local funeral while in High School. He had some history of drug abuse, but absolutely nothing which would allude any of us to think he would go on to do something so horrific.”

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15. Why did he do it?

“One I can actually answer. My stepbrother. I had known him since I was 15. He was my favorite of my 2 stepbrothers and we were really pretty close. He had been in jail a few times for other offenses, but for the past few years had been doing really well and had an amazingly sweet girlfriend. And one day my mom calls me to tell me that the evening before, he had shot and killed her in their (stepbro and girlfriend’s) driveway. I never would have imagined it from him. I was in complete shock. I have reached out to him a couple times through the years, curious as to what the hell went through his head… but he’s never bothered to reply.”

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