15 People Share What It Is That Makes Them Jealous About The Opposite Sex

You’d be lying if you said you’d never envied some element of the opposite sex, or even thought about what it would be like to be a male/female for the day.

We are all fascinated by how the other half live, from being able to pee standing up to having bare legs on a hot day in the office. Maybe it’s just our inherent human desire to want what we can’t have, but there is something very appealing about being free from periods and pregnancy.

The users of Reddit would appear to agree, having come together to share everything they envy most in the opposite sex. Whilst some are obvious, there are other things you’d barely even think about…

1.  “Not having to always make the first move in dating”

“What I would give for a woman to find out what I like, carefully pick beautiful things to impress me, pay for movies and dinner just so maybe I’d f*ck her. Show up at my doorstep with flowers or chocolate and take me to romantic spots to earn a kiss or two.”

– @Lord_Malgus

2. “My ex used to complain about how much random stuff I can put into my jean pockets and how expensive purses are.”

“Pockets in your damn pants. Aside from good jeans and certain suit trousers, women’s fashion neglects the f**k out of pockets. Sometimes I just wanna keep my stuff in there and not carry a bag around every day…damn handbag conspiracy.” 


3. “Being able to pee easily outside.”

“I have one of those female funnels that lets you pee standing up. I was NOT prepared for what it actually takes to pee standing up. I have to force myself to go and it makes the backs of my legs hurt. I don’t know if it’s because my brain is screaming ‘Don’t do this, you don’t pee like this, sit down before you pee all over yourself!’ or if it’s just because women were probably never meant to stand to pee.”

“It’s VERY convenient at times to be able to use it but I always end up with a cramp in my legs from concentrating just to pee. It takes willpower and practice but hey, I can write my name in the snow now which is really fun and probably very confusing to people who come across it.”

– @ThatSquareChick

4. “Their d*cks. I would love to know what it is like to get a bl*wjob [for] myself.”

“I had a dream that I had a penis. I was standing out in a field of golden grass and a pretty woman walked up to me and started sucking my d*ck and it was an absolutely incredible feeling. Totally different from what it feels like to be a woman. It was velvety soft and, I don’t know, just the most intense feeling. I obviously can’t explain it well, but it was great.”

– @Ghitit

5. “How insanely strong men are.”

“When I was with my ex, we’d sometimes play wrestle in bed. He would go easy on me, of course, and sometimes I’d ask him to use his whole strength just so I could see it. He could pin me down completely with less half of his full effort. Made me realize that if I ever ended up in an abusive relationship, whatever guy I’m dating then could kill me with his bare hands if he wanted.”

– @MyCatIsWatchingYou

6. “Not getting random boners at the worst times possible.”

Whilst that seems idyllic for men, it’s best to know that the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side, as one user explained: “Having had conversations with my wife about this, she states that ‘feeling like you peed yourself isn’t all that comfortable either’.”

7. “No periods or cramps or pregnancy or any of that.”

“Periods are the worst. My lower back hurts, my legs suddenly feel like they weigh a ton (makes walking so much fun/s), my skin decides to go haywire, I get randomly horny (at a time when I’m at my least physically-attractive – go figure), and I have to deal with the usual debilitating cramps that come with periods, too. Such fun.”

– @FauxPoesFoes228

8. “The way they smell. Even after a run most women I’ve known haven’t smelled offensive.”

“Bro my girl will get back from dancing for hours and will smell better than me than if I took a shower and sat around for 30 mins…sh*ts unfair.”

– @99Cowls

9. “Female orgasms look pretty sweet”

“I have this theory that the peak pleasure a guy feels during his orgasm is basically the baseline level a girl feels the whole time she’s stimulated. And when a girl comes, it’s something that a guy can’t even comprehend. I kind of see it as a trade off for women having to deal with menstruation and pregnancy. From what I’ve heard, a woman’s sexual pleasure can be out of this world, but so can her pain from period cramps and childbirth.”

– @moonsidian

10. “If a ship sinks, you get to board first with the children”

“I get that children go first, that’s a given, but why the f*ck are adult male and adult female’s lives not taken into the same account? Like motherf*cker men may be genetically tougher but death is death regardless of your potentially mildly superior muscles.”

– @JonGabriel03

11. “Girls butts look way more comfy to sit on” 

“[It’s] not something I’ve ever really considered or been thankful for, but yeah cushy butts are awesome. I will counter that men seem to have an easier time sleeping/laying on their sides because it’s easier to lie flat when your hips/boobs aren’t in the way.”

– @stormycloudysky

12. “Can dress up in so many different ways. There are basically only 4 kinds of ways to dress as a male. Professional, Cool, Casual and Hobo.”

“I think woman have it better there. They have endless athleisure options on the low and high end and aren’t judged for having a closet full of [gym] garb which is somehow socially appropriate across all seasons and well into adulthood.”

– @heterosapian

13. “Can legit wake-up, put on clothes and head out the door and still look good.”

“I can’t even moisturize my face and brush my hair in the time it takes a guy to be ready and looking like a runway model.”

– @catforceone

14. “Man here, I wish I was able to ask to hold someone’s baby and not be seen as strange or creepy.”

“It’s acceptable for women to ask to hold babies or even go out of their way to hold babies, but not really that way for men… bummer since babies are adorable.”

– @chronocases

15. “[Women] can show emotions without being seen as ‘weak’.”

“[Men] are regularly stereotyped as weak because we show sad or angry emotions. It is more acceptable for men to show ‘anger’ emotions without being considered weak.”

What do you think? Are you happy with your lot or is there something you wish you could steal from the other sex? Let us know!

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