15 Of The Stupidest Products People Actually Spent Their Money Buying

There are a lot of pretty stupid products out there, so-called wonder gadgets which purport to solve a niggling problem, but in actual fact constitute nothing more than useless, plastic junk, sold to gullible people by convincing them that they cannot live without them. The comedian David Cross calls this "an existence predicated on manufactured necessity", which is a fancy way of saying that all this rubbish is created and sold to the public because people believe they need it.

You all know the kind of stuff I'm talking about: it's the kind of tacky, expensive crap you see advertised on cableĀ TV or in gift shops, usually featuring some housewife exclaiming "finally!" over some piece of garbage. "Finally! A coffee mug with a compass on it!" or "At last! An inflatable dartboard!" So in tribute to all the trash in the world, we've gathered together some of the stupidest products that are available to purchase. Maybe they'll make a good birthday gift for an arch-enemy.

1. A tent-umbrella

2. A tray to eat while driving

3. Covers for toothpaste tubes that make it look like a pet is being sickĀ 

4. A tablet-holder for your potty

5. It's like water, but healthier?


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