15 Incredible Things You Didn’t Know Everyday Objects Could Do

There are many great mysteries in life. Why are we here? Who made us? Is there life after death? Given the fact that humans have been wondering about these uncertainties for centuries, it seems highly unlikely that we’ll be able to discover the truth any time in the foreseeable future. However, there is something else that we can enlighten you with.

Picking up that everyday item and seeing  seemingly pointless feature is a uniquely agitating experience. Why is it there? Who put it there? What is it used for? Has the creator just put it there to torment us? It is the answers to these puzzles – perhaps in many ways even more important than the big questions concerning the universe – that we are here to answer for you. Don’t worry, I’m not going to promise that they’ll blow your mind, but I can guarantee to solve the mysteries that have been driving you crazy for years.

1. The tiny triangle on your petrol gauge indicates which side of your car the pump hatch is

2. In the 1960s, the loop on the back of some button-down shirts was introduced in order to hang the garment on a “locker peg”, avoiding creasing in the process. In addition, it used to be customary for men in American universities to cut off the loop when they had a girlfriend

3. The indent in the bottom of wine bottles is used to control pressure during the corking process and allows sediment to settle into a tight space so it is not easily released when the wine is poured

4. The little panel on the back of many backpacks was originally designed so that hikers could attach a rope cable to it

5. The small hole at the end of most measuring tapes is for you to hook it onto a nail or screw and avoid slipage

6. Holes in plane windows direct and maintain pressure between the three panes, should one break

7. The useless pocket in your jeans was originally designed to hold your pocket watch

8. The tape on your rear view mirror is there so you can tip it, should you find yourself blinded by a car behind

9. The hole at the bottom of a padlock acts as a filter in the case that the item is put underwater. In addition, it is used as a hole to insert oil for lubrication

10. If a child swallows a pen, the hole at the end of a biro pen lid is there so they can still breathe with it lodged in their throat

11. The tiny hole on the back of an iPhone is a microphone, in case you’re taking a video facing away from you

12. Ever wonder why the number 57 is printed on the Heinz bottle? The company website reveals all, saying: “To release ketchup faster from a glass bottle, apply a firm tap to the sweet spot at the neck of the bottle – the 57. Only 11 per cent of people know this”

13. The little fabric swatch that comes with a lot of new clothing is for testing out in the washing machine. This way, your new skirt or top won’t be damaged by washing temperature or detergent when you clean it

14. The hole in the centre of a pasta spoon shows you the perfect portion of spaghetti, something pasta lovers have struggled with for decades

15. The holes found in Converse shoes are used for both ventilation and as an alternative way to tie your laces in order to gain better ankle support

So there you have it, all of the answers to all of the questions that have bothered you for years on end. Now, go spread your new knowledge with all of your friends, family and every stranger you pass on the street. There’s no doubt that these questions have been bothering them as well.

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