15 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Nowadays Tumblr is the go-to site when it comes to hilarious image macros and internet humour. Maybe it’s because the community is so tight-knit, maybe it’s because it’s so easy to reblog content you enjoy, or maybe it’s just the most convenient blogging tool out there. In days gone by, sites like YTMND and Something Awful were traditionally the places that new memes sprang from, but times have changed, and now Tumblr is the place to go to if you need to improve your mood.

So if you’re feeling low on a Monday morning, and need something to lift your mood, then allow me to do you the courtesy of sifting through the site and delivering the best posts for your perusal. Scroll down to check out some of the funniest posts that have been made recently.

1. Gives the word “Pokéballs” a new meaning

2. Heracles gets me

3. Not as fun as sliding down a banister

4. Canada is a strange place

5. Perverted Mario

6. Self-walking pooch

7. Conspiracy giraffes

8. “It could be worse” said the furry blue scientist

9. There’s a lot to take in here

10. When breakfast gets dirty

11. The wrong place for a mirror

12. “Jesus wept”

13. I smell a liar

14. Sniper doggo

15. Self-immolating crayon

But Tumblr isn’t just a place where people come to post dogs and Simpsons memes; it’s also a place where bigots fear to tread, and with good reason. Check out the 14 times Tumblr shut down LGBT+ haters perfectly.

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