15 Heartbreaking Food Lies That Will Make It Hard To Trust Again

In this modern world of ours, it’s difficult to know who to trust anymore. All news has the potential to be fake news, Lady Gaga didn’t really jump off the roof of the Super Bowl stadium, and Beyoncé kept her pregnancy a secret for months. Where do we turn when we want to put our trust wholeheartedly into something? Perhaps food is the answer. Lovely, honest food will tell us no lies, right?

Wrong. I’m sorry to tell you that even in the wonderful world of food, deception rules supreme. Portions are tightly restricted, photos belie what really lies beneath, and cleverly placed packaging disguises how little food is actually inside. So, without further ado, check out the following list of some of the internet’s very worst offenders. Just don’t expect to trust anyone or anything ever again. You have been warned.

1. Don’t you dare mess with my cheese expectations

2. Two scoops indeed

3. Mickey Mouse, is that you?

4. I will never trust again

5. This must be some kind of blasphemy


7. Coles, you disappoint me

8. Meet somewhere in the middle?

9. This must be against human rights

10. I’m suspicious

11. Are we living in opposite land?

12. Utter madness

13. This is why I have trust issues

14. Shame on you, ASDA

15. He lied on his CV

Now, although there’s no denying that these food fails are enough to have you lose faith in humanity for good, it’s nothing compared to the sense of revulsion this parent must have felt when she found something shocking inside her child’s magic wand toy.

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