15 Embarrassing Celebrity Tweets That Were Quickly Deleted

The primary reason I originally signed up for Twitter was because of the celebrities; as uncool as that may make me sound. Yes, I was somehow interested in the banter between Alan Sugar and Piers Morgan and yes, I did want to know what Beyonce had for breakfast. Something I quickly discovered was that they're actually just pretty average, somewhat boring, humans and following celebrities quickly lost its novelty.

Until they slip up and post tweets like these. It doesn't matter how quickly you delete them guys, the internet doesn't miss a trick.

1. The moment Courtney Love told Lana Del Rey the song she covered 'Heart-Shaped box' is actually about her vagina and she should think about it during any future performances. 

Or not Courtney, or not.


2. When 50 Cent crossed the line with insensitive remarks about autism 



3. After receiving negative remarks from one journalist in a write up of his concert, he went full homophobe.

What a twat


4. When a fashion designer uses the unrest of Egypt to promote his spring collection. Does advertisement know no ends?


5. When Lindsay was crushing hard on on/off girlfriend Samantha Ronson, she had no qualms calling her out on Twitter and accusing her of cheating. She removed the tweet the next day without explanation. 




6. Russell Brand tweeted this photo of Katy Perry without make-up wishing her luck and the pop star was less than happy about it, Russell later removed the tweet.


7. In order to promote her new album, Susan Boyle tweeted the hashtag #Susanalbumparty but clearly it looks like "su's anal bum party", her team quickly took this down.

Shame, sounded like a hoot


8. Kim's tweets during the Israel-Hamas conflict created huge anger among her fans and she quickly removed them


9. Bow Wow posted his DUI (potentially still high/drunk) and deleted it the next day



10. Hulk is the spokesperson for controversy and saying f*cking ridiculous stuff right now and this tweet about his daughter's legs was a bit weird too...


11. Oh the irony Mary J.

It's obvious why this one was soon deleted


12. When Hayley Williams accidentally posted this naked selfie

Thank you Hayley, thank you


13. Jason received a big backlash when he made fun of the Malaysian flight disaster. Despite his arguments here, he later deleted the tweets.


14. When Rob called Rita out for cheating...



15. Talking of the devil, unfortunately for her this tweet only gained around 2,000 retweets and deleted this tweet the next day



So, if you're ever looking for an excuse to sign up to twitter or check out what's going on in a social network that isn't Facebook, celebrities embarrassing themselves is a reason as good as any - no? Really, even Cher is at it.

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