15 Criminal Culinary Creations That Will Put You Off Food For Good

With cookery shows now more popular than ever, it’s a farce that culinary crimes still exist. Has Gordon Ramsey and his foul-mouthed tirades not taught us anything? Clearly not.

Speaking of Ramsay, here are 30 of his most savage insults…

I hate to think what Chef Ramsey would say if he were to see these abominations…

If you still had a shred of faith in the human race and their ability to cook up a masterpiece, then look away now, because these kitchen nightmares will make you want to hop on the first spaceship out of here…

1. I think it’s time we took a smoke break

Since when have fag ends been fashionable? Is this something the kids find trendy today? Pass me the Nicotine patch!

2. This one stinks!

Now answer me this, have you ever wanted to eat something that resembles something you produce from your rear end? No? Didn’t think so.

3. Oh, baby! That’s wrong!

One thing is for sure, with this cake nobody is going to be fighting over who gets the biggest slice!

4. Chicken cuddles

Ah, who doesn’t love food that’s been lovingly manhandled before being served?

5. This is neigh good

Bananas are an awkward fruit to eat at the best of times, but trying to get your chops around this? Trot on, I think I’ll pass.

6. This chef clearly had a lot of (naked) ambition

Have you ever looked at a slice of ham and thought it sexy before? Probably not, but this may change your perception!

7. This is baa-wful

I have a lot of questions about this cake, but I think my biggest query is, is it vegan?

8. How do I unsee this?

As a mother, you’re supposed to be mature. So can somebody explain to me how a cake like this can even exist?

9. I carrot do this anymore

Part of me feels very sorry for this carrot. Sorry because it’ll get thrown in the bin and wasted by whoever orders this soup.

10. Full of iron!

Hm, I am not convinced that this chef understood when he read about eating food rich in iron.

11. Mind your fingers!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to recycle. But I really don’t think using a mousetrap to serve food on is appropriate. Let’s hope they washed it first!

12. Watch out for the spikes!

Since when has road kill become a popular menu choice? Whatever will they think of next…

13. Feetloaf, anyone?

Humans shouldn’t be allowed to play with food. What’s wrong with just eating food like a normal person?

14. A literal sausage dog

Now, I love dogs and I also love sausages, so for me this looks like a dream come true!

15. Gordon Ramsey would have a fit

This salad dish looks like a challenge in the latest Saw film. “Would you like to play a game?”…no! I think I will pass thanks!

So there you have it, if you weren’t disgusted by humans before, you are now!

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