15 Cats And Dogs Who Completely Destroyed Christmas

Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Animals quickly become part of the family. What’s more, they’re cute, fluffy and, most importantly, they can’t talk so the chances of them annoying the hell out of you are much slimmer. Or are they?!

Just because pets can’t annoy you with their words, doesn’t mean they can’t annoy you with their actions – especially if they’re playing up during the most wonderful time of the year. It turns out that our furry friends have seriously ruffled our tinsel during the holidays.

Here are 15 cats and dogs who completely destroyed their owners’ festive spirit…

1. “Hey, I was sitting here this entire time!”

Cats are ruthless, and this one has absolutely no shame or remorse for its actions.

2. “Watch me make it to the top of the tree”

This cat is a total show off, and it’s the tree which has to suffer as a result.

3. What do kitties have against Christmas trees?

These grinches just don’t have any festive spirit.

If you thought that tipping over trees was bad, you should see what this next kitty did. Let’s just say, there are certain things that don’t belong in the mouth of a cat, and this is one of them. I’d be surprised if its owner managed to avoid an impromptu trip to the vet…

4. “Don’t mind if I do”

If she’s not chewing on my couch or my sweaters, she’s chewing on the Christmas tree. What are we going to do with her?

5. “But they’re so pretty!”

He gets up to all kinds of mischief with the Christmas decorations.

6. “No one will find me if I hide out in here”

Cats are either knocking down Christmas trees or hiding in them – there is no in between.

Pets may play innocent, but more often than not, they’re simply using their cuteness to soften the blow when they do something naughty. Sort of like this next disobedient dog, who did the unthinkable at Christmas and destroyed the things everyone looks forward to the most – presents.

7. “Now stand in the corner and think about what you just did”

This pooch is all kinds of naughty – don’t trust those innocent puppy dog eyes.

8. “If you snap me mid-climb, it’d make an awesome Instagram photo”

He’s holding on by the skin of his teeth. Literally.

9. This dog has the nerve to act like he doesn’t know what’s just gone on

Dogs – you love them with all your heart, and they repay you by doing things like this.

Of course, we shouldn’t put all the blame on pets – often it’s us humans who ruin Christmas. Whether it’s by burning the turkey or by getting lame presents for our loved ones, we also do our bit when it comes to destroying the holiday spirit…

10. Okay, that face is way too cute to scold

And she did it all on her own.

11. Now this face is pure evil

He’s the devil in cat form.

12. “I just couldn’t wait until Christmas day”

And he had the nerve to be shocked that none of the gifts were for him!

While some pets are intent on ruining their family’s Christmas decorations, they manage to put a smile on our faces for simply being their delightful albeit mischievous selves. At least we get funny snaps to laugh at afterwards…

13. He’s the most inept Christmas tree vandal on planet earth

You had just one job.

14. You spend ages decorating it and then this happens

This pooch has no soul.

15. Now this dog truly is remorseful

How could you not forgive this gorgeous pooch?

Don’t get me wrong – although cats and dogs really know how to grind their owners’ gears, they are incredible in their own ways. Especially the pets in the video below. It just goes to show that wherever there’s a Christmas stocking, there’s a mischievous dog lurking in the background!

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