14-Year-Old Solves WWII Mystery While On School Field Trip

Remember back in grade school when you had to do class projects? At some point you’d always have to do one on WWII. Maybe you had to interview your grandparents. or visit a museum, or the whole school would load into a bus just to visit a war memorial or monument.

Well it turns out 14-year-old Danish student, Daniel Kristiansen, had the same experience… Sort of. He was assigned a class project on WWII, but, when he and his father took a field trip to research the subject, they found much more than they ever expected!

Young Daniel had grown up hearing stories of how, when his grandfather had been a boy, had witnessed a German warplane crash land into the field beside the family home.

Daniel wanted to use this first-hand account as part of his project, so his father took him to the crash site. Together, they decided to use metal detectors to see if any remnants could be found.

Daniel’s grandfather had always said that the plane’s wreckage and pilot were recovered and removed by the German Army shortly after the crash. However, Daniel’s grandfather was wrong.

As the father and son pair were using their metal detectors and shovels, they began to find small scraps of metal. This was not out of the ordinary, but as they continued, they began to find larger pieces, followed by bits of cloth and then bones!

“At first, we were digging up a lot of dirt with metal fragments in it. Then, we suddenly came across bones and pieces of clothes. It was like opening a book from yesterday,” Daniel revealed.

It turned out that, while Daniel’s grandfather had been right about the nearby German plane crash, the army had not come back to remove it at all. The remnants of the plane and the pilot were all in the field!

The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland now has Daniel’s discovery in their possession. Daniel and his father handed over the historical artifacts in hopes of gaining more information.

The museum will use serial numbers, forensic evidence, and recovered personal items to attempt to determine the identity of the pilot, and then to notify any living next of kin. It is hoped that the pilot’s remains can be repatriated and given a proper final resting place.

The plane was determined to be a Messerschmitt Me 109, which was a type of German turbojet fighter used in the Luftwaffe, or German Airforce, during the Second World War.

Torben Sarauw, a curator with the Historical Museum of Northern Jutland, believes the aircraft likely originated from a training base in Aalborg, Denmark, quite close to the crash site.

I don’t know about you, but if I were Daniel’s teacher, he’d definitely be getting an A+ on this project!

If you think finding a Nazi warplane and dead pilot in your backyard is crazy, check out the video below. It’ll show you 10 insane secret weapons from the Second World War.

Many state-of-the-art weapons were created during WWII, most of which have become well known. However, there were lots of secret weapons being developed that didn’t become so well known.

Think death rays aren’t real? Think again!

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