14 Times British People Totally Confused Americans

The old adage of us Brits being just "across the pond" from our American counterparts has been thrown into disrepute of late. Whilst every nation has its own breed of quirks and eccentricities, the birth of social media has forced long-standing allies, the American and British to realise just how different they are. Americans just don't seem to appreciate the things that have come to define us as a country, I mean, I know it may seem odd that we consume tea as if it were attached to us via a drip but we do it for a reason.

I personally have more of a problem with the sheer amount of national holidays that Americans enjoy and their devotion to junk food; because for starters it's not fair, and secondly isn't processed food supposed to be, I don't know, bad for you? Either way, the people from England can usually understand where the Americans are coming from, but they on the other hand, are completely baffled by many of the things that we do. So let's take a look at all the ways in which we get their knickers in a twist...

1. Marmite 

Eating yeast extract is totally normal

2. The fact that we have two water taps 

One for cold and one for hot makes more sense...until you inevitably burn yourself

3. Washing up bowls 

Is this not the correct way to wash dishes?

4. Including "x" on the ends of texts 

There is no better way of professing love and affection

5. Saying "cheers" 

It's only polite.


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