14 Huge Terror Attacks In 2017 You Didn’t Even Realise Happened

11. Kabul, Afghanistan - 31 May

On 31st May at 8.25am 1,500kg explosives were detonated in a vacuum truck which was parked on a street full of people going about their business in the peak of rush hour. The truck bomb, which killed over 150 innocent people, was so powerful, it created a crater about 4.5 metres deep and three to four metres wide. Although there has been much speculation, no terrorist group claimed responsibility for the massacre.

12. Hasakah, Syria - 2 May

Syrian refugees looking to escape the incessant violence gathered in Hasakah looking for safety but little did they know ISIS would follow them. Five suicide bombers detonated explosives before dawn followed by gun battles between the attackers and US-backed Kurdish fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces. At least 37 Iraqi refugees killed and 100 more people were badly wounded.

13.  Kabul, Afghanistan - 3 June

Terrorists struck at the heart of Afghanistan yet again in June, but this time things were different. Unknown perpetrators targeted the high-profile funeral of an Afghan protestor who died demanding the government's resignation the day before. Seven people were murdered and more than 119 wounded at the event, which saw people gather together to mourn the deceased, yet ended only with others tragically losing their lives.

14. Pakistan - 23 June

The country of Pakistan was brought to devastation by ISIS - and Ansar al-Sharia Pakistan and Islamic State of Iraq, and the Levant, Khorasan Province - once again when a series of terrorist attacks took place in different areas. On the last Friday of the month of Ramadan, policemen were targeted in Quetta and Karachi, while civilians were attacked at a market in Parachinar. Survivors spoke of finding human flesh in the roads on a day where about 92 died and over 200 others suffered non-fatal injuries.

The frequent loss of innocent lives in the world due to any kind of terrorism is truly tragic. Perhaps only when we realise that all lives deserve the same amount of respect - regardless of race, religion or geographical location - can we truly begin to annihilate the menace of terrorism that hangs over our heads every day. Discover more about the daily terrorist attacks that take place across the world here.

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