14 Character Traits You’re Doing That Are Making People Instantly Hate You

We all have our own standards, likes, and dislikes, because we’re pretty much wired to both appreciate and be wary of different things.

I mean, there are seven billion of us on the planet – how dull would it be if we all had the same tastes? And how robotic would humankind be if we all had the same passions and if exactly the same things annoyed or provoked each and every one of us?

Having said that, there are without doubt certain traits, penchants and dislikes that we share with when it comes to our fellow human beings.

For instance, these 10 things will make (most) people hate you:

Yes, we’re all different, but there’s pretty much no one on Earth who wouldn’t find these traits instantly detestable.

And there’s plenty more where they came from. Here are 14 other things that will surely make you a people repeller:

1. Sharing very personal things way too early 

According to some psychologists, sharing very intimate details with someone while you’re still in the “get to know each other” stage, can make you seem like too much of an oversharer and thus less likable.

2. Constantly sharing photos on Facebook

Certain behaviors on social media can affect your relationships with people in real life, according to a research study led by David Houghton.

Apparently, friends don’t particularly like it when you have too many photos of family members and vice versa.

This is what Ben Marder, who co-led study had to say about it: “Be cautious when sharing and think how it will be perceived by all the others who may see it. Although sharing is a great way to better relationships, it can also damage them.”

3. Having either too many or not enough Facebook friends

Based on one study which was conducted on Facebook profiles, 300 was considered the ideal number of friends. People who had fewer than 100 friends were liked the least and those who had more than 300 friends were liked second least.

According to the authors of the study, this is why having more than 300 friends could be considered unlikable: “Individuals with too many friends may appear to be focusing too much on Facebook, friending out of desperation rather than popularity.”

4. Constantly asking questions without revealing much about yourself

If there’s no reciprocation when it comes to opening up about your feelings, people will begin to be mistrustful of you.

5. Uploading a close-up profile photo

According to some studies, faces that are photographed from just 45 centimeters away are regarded as less attractive and less trustworthy.

6. When you hide your true feelings

You should refrain bottling your feelings up because being able to talk about your feelings is a much more attractive trait, according to one study.

7. Being too nice

If you are constantly overly friendly with everyone – even those who have been spiteful to you – this can make you seem like a pushover. Pushovers rarely get any kind of respect from people – it’s all about assertiveness.

8. Humblebragging won’t win you any admirers

People often do this during job interviews. For instance, they’ll say things like “my main weakness is that I’m a perfectionist and sometimes work too hard.” Employers are more likely to gravitate towards people who are honest about their weaknesses and not those who disguise their weaknesses as a strength.

9. Being too nervous

Some would say this is an indicator that a person does not think too highly of themselves and is thus pretty humble. However, being excessively nervous can betray an incapability of functioning well in social situations.

10. Having no sense of humor

If you want people to like you, letting loose and being able to laugh at yourself is a very attractive trait. It makes you seem more approachable, easygoing, jovial and just fun to be around.

11. Never smiling

People are generally attracted to people who give off positive vibes, and if you never or rarely smile, they will get the impression that you’re, well, miserable. So may want to crack out a smile every now and again.

12. Giving off the impression that you don’t like someone

Psychologists often talk about this phenomenon known as the “reciprocity of liking”. When we get the impression someone likes us, we tend to develop positive feelings towards them. So it follows that when we give people reason to believe that we don’t like them, they probably won’t like us either.

13. Habitually being late

You know what they say – the early bird catches the worm, and that really is the case when it comes to people and how well they respond to you.

14. Being unwilling to get involved

For instance, if you’re at a bar and people are dancing and you refuse to get involved in the fun, people may start to get the impression that you’re a bit of a party pooper.

So there we have it: there are a number of things you could be doing that are a huge turn off to the general population. Hey, no one told you popularity was easy!

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