13 Times Texas Took Everything To A Whole New Level

The phrase "everything's bigger in Texas" is a widely used one, but have you ever really stopped to consider what it means? Sure, Texas itself is big. Texas is so ginormous that it has over twice as many square miles as America's smallest 10 states combined. In fact, it's so big, that it could almost cover an area the size of Europe.

However, there's another meaning to "everything's bigger in Texas", and the following collection of photos should help illustrate it nicely. In these instances, bigger means extra, over the top, and taking things to a whole new level.

1. Just a little shark bite

2. Extra storms

3. Oversized hail

4. The result of said hail

5. Vaguely offensive t-shirts

6. Military-themed wheelchairs

7. Giant cars

8. That need giant AC units

9. This guy and his snake

10. This Starbucks store

11. The size of this sign

12. This giant pet

13. Is that... a scorpion

Now, if you feel like things haven't quite reached peak Texas, you should probably take a look at what happened when this barbecue spot offered a discount in order to celebrate the state's new gun laws.

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