13 People Who Showed That Making A Drastic Change To Your Lifestyle Is Always Worth It

Making the decision to lose weight is one of the biggest and most difficult lifestyle changes you can possibly make. It involves totally dispelling all the myths you’ve heard about certain foods which may be worse for you than you realize. It’s physically exhausting as you’ll inevitably have to undergo intense workout sessions at the gym. Not to mention the fact that it’s so easy to fall back into your old habits and completely sabotage any progress you initially made!

However, there are a number of people who have taken the plunge and kickstarted their own weight loss journey. Every weight loss journey has its ups and downs, but one thing’s for sure, once these people start shedding the pounds, they never look back!

Check out these 14 incredibly inspirational men and women who decided they needed to make a change once and for all…

1. In the first photo, he’s 17 and in the other he’s 20. You can guess what happened in that time…

2. This lady was told repeatedly that she wasn’t doing her health any favors

3. This lady is happy that she can now wear clothes that are flattering for her figure

4. She once weighed 262 lbs at only 5’4″, but just look at her now…

5. This woman started a weight loss blog in 2007, and it helped her tremendously

This next man had always enjoyed going for a swim, but he was still dangerously overweight! So, what did he do? He increased his physical activity far beyond what he thought he was capable of, and the results were insane!

Anyone who makes the decision to increase their fitness should be applauded. We live in a world of convenience, social media and laziness, so anyone who is able to resist all of that must be incredibly determined!

6. This man is a whole lot happier with his new figure!

7. He had been overweight his entire life, but as an adult he finally started hitting the gym…

8. This inspirational lady penned a book about her weight loss journey entitled 150 Pounds Gone Forever

9. This Singaporean woman was by no means obese, but she still felt the need to transform her lifestyle

Check out the woman who would never even run for a bus, now she’s running marathons with ease…

Making the decision to go on a dramatic weight loss journey will not only do wonders for your health but also your self-worth!

10. She used to indulge in junk food, and now runs marathons!

11. These twins embarked on a weight loss journey together! 

12. She was once a couch potato and is now a bodybuilder

13. His self-esteem has sky-rocketed since losing the pounds!

14. She thought she’d be lucky to lose a few pounds, then this happened…

Well done to all the people on this list who achieved such impressive results after dramatically changing their lifestyles. And anyone thinking of embarking on their own weight loss journey, take note: taking before and after photos may seem like a cringe-worthy idea, but it’s undoubtedly the best way to showcase how much progress you’ve made!

This weight loss story might just be the most inspiring of them all! Check it out…

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