13 Famous Women Who Infamously Dated Younger Men

In the weird and wonderful world of dating, it’s far from uncommon for two people with a significant age difference to get together. My father is more than six years older than my mother, and although they sometimes clash over things, their marriage is still going strong, 25 years later. One thing you rarely see, however, is a younger man dating an older woman.

As a trend, I tend to date slightly older girls, but among men my age, that’s somewhat of a rarity; and for the most part that’s reflected in the Hollywood scene. There are some exceptions to that rule, however, and they’re notable for not only their significant age gaps, but also in how long-term these relationships turned out to be. Check out some famous older woman-younger man couples from past and present, and see how many of them you already knew about.

1. Cheryl Cole is 10 years older than Liam Payne, and they’ve had their first child together too

2. French president Emmanuel Macron is 39, but his wife (and former teacher) Brigitte is 64 years old

3. Ryan Gosling is seven years younger than his wife Eva Mendez

4. 37-year-old Kourtney Kardashian is dating Younes Bendjima Рa 23-year-old model born in Algeria

5. In 2013, 74-year-old Tina Turner married 58-year-old Erwin Bach after dating for 25 years

6. Kick-Ass star Aaron Taylor-Johnson married Sam wood, 24 years his senior, in 2012

7. Jennifer Lopez dated Casper Smart (who was 18 years younger) for five years. They split in 2016

8. JLo is now with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, who is six years younger than her

9. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher married in 2005 with a 16-year age gap. They separated in 2011

10. Actress Gabrielle Union and basketball player Dwayne Wade are 44 and 34, respectively

11. Cameron Diaz married Benji Madden in 2015 with a six-year age gap

12. Mary Tyler Moore married Robert Levine when she was 47 and he was 29. That was 34 years ago!

13. 53-year-old Friends star Courteney Cox is married to Snow Patrol member Johnny McDaid. He is 40 years old


In life, it’s hard enough to find someone special, and when we’re looking for a partner, why should we constrain ourselves to age or gender norms? These happy celebrity couples prove that even if the relationship looks unconventional, age truly is just a number, and finding a successful marriage is more about maturity than it is about age.

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