11 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

With dating apps like Tinder more popular than ever, it’s never been easier for your partner to be unfaithful. But is there any need to be concerned?

If you notice our boyfriend doing any of the following 11 things, then yes, it may be time to ask some serious questions. After all, if you suspect your partner is capable of cheating on you, then it’s probably because it’s true. Never underestimate your intuition ladies!

But once you learn the truth, it’s best to remain calm. Setting your cheating boyfriend’s car on fire like this scorned ex won’t make things any easier…

1. He tells you that he “isn’t really ready for a relationship.”

We all know at least one boy from our dating history who is not “really ready” for a relationship. They’d rather keep things casual and protect themselves from any nasty incidents when you find on later down the line that he’s been seeing someone else.

If he tells you he doesn’t want to date, then leave. Unless you’re comfortable with sharing his affections because ultimately he is just after you for one thing and one thing only.

2. He gets nervous when you touch his phone

Think how you feel when your mom uses your phone. You can feel a small bead of sweat on the back of your neck as she scrolls through your pictures, messages and social media profiles.

Well, that’s a feeling you shouldn’t have with your partner. You should be comfortable them to see everything – except maybe for that group chat you and your girl friends have on Whatsapp. So if your partner seems to panic when you reach for their phone, you know something is wrong.

3. You haven’t met any of his friends, even though he hangs out with them a lot

If a guy tries to hide you from his friends then it’s clear that he has concerns. Maybe one of his mates will let it slip that he slept with some other girl after a night out a few weeks ago? Or maybe he thinks you’ll make a scene when you learn that he ended his relationship with his last girlfriend the same day he started seeing you.

The chances are that if he isn’t comfortable introducing you to his friends, then it’s because he has something to hide.

4. He always has an excuse not to see you

You want to hang out, but he’s either at work, finishing an assignment, at the gym or stuck in terrible traffic – every day of the week.

If he seems to be uncharacteristically busy, then the chances are he is – with another girl.

5. You never know where he is

Nobody wants to know the coordinates of their partner at every second of the day (and if they do, they need help), but it’s nice to keep up to date with their movements. Whether they are at the cinema, in the gym or having drinks with his work colleagues, it’s nice to have some information as to where he is.

But if he is always elusive and reluctant to tell you where he’s been, then it’s probably because he doesn’t want you to know. After all, how hard is it for him to tell you that he’s just popping to a mate’s after work?

6. He can’t commit

Commitment-phobes should have alarm bells ringing in your head immediately. If they are happy to go on dates with you and sleep with you, then he should be prepared to expect a relationship.

If he wants to hang out but not make it official, then it’s because he just isn’t that into you.

7. He has a lot of numbers in his phone which aren’t saved

You have a quick scan through his messages whilst he’s in the shower (note: if you’re doing this, then you already suspect him of cheating and thus you should leave) and you notice a lot of texts from a lot of unsaved numbers.

The only reason this would be the case is if he uses his mobile phone for work or if he is communicating with girls who he doesn’t want to leave a trace of in his phone.

8. He doesn’t want to have sex with you

If he is jumping into bed with someone else, then the chances are he won’t be in the mood to hop into the sack with you. If you are the one initiating and he still isn’t interested then that’s a sure sign that he isn’t being faithful.

9. He makes you feel guilty for contacting him

You don’t know where he is, he hasn’t answered your calls for ages and you suspect something is wrong, so you do the natural thing and call him. But when he answers he gets angry and calls you “crazy” or “paranoid” rather than reassuring you that everything’s okay.

If your partner makes you feel that way then it’s clear he doesn’t care about your feelings and that his interests may lie elsewhere.

10. He takes forever to text you back

When you’re in a relationship, you should want to be in constant contact with the other person. Okay, texting every five minutes is major overkill. But if you don’t speak to him for an entire day then it’s clear you aren’t his number one priority.

11. He will lie about small things

Never trust a liar. If he lies about something small – like where he was for lunch or how many drinks he had down the pub last night –  the chances are he is capable and comfortable with lying about something much bigger. Why lie if he has nothing to hide?

So now you know, what are you going to do about it?!

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