11 Seriously Creepy Facts About Serial Killers You Didn’t Know

However horrific tales of serial killers and their victims get, there is something compelling about these stories. That’s why the surge in articles, podcasts, and TV shows on the subject has occurred in the past few years. But however much we believe to know about famous killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy, there tend to be small details that slip through the cracks.

When you read that someone is responsible for the gruesome deaths of several people, the news is so shocking that you tend to not think to look into the smaller, weirder aspects behind serial murderers. So read on and discover more blood-curdling facts about the world’s creepiest criminals.

1. Richard Chase would eat animals raw, often blending them with Coca Cola

The man known as “The Vampire of Sacramento”, who was known for killing and eating six people, would capture small wild animals, kill them and eat them raw. Sometimes he would even blend their organs with a soft drink to make a milkshake. He also sucked the blood out of birds, and once tried to inject himself with rabbit blood.

2. Albert Fish used to push pins into his anus and scrotum

Fish, a child rapist and cannibal known by some as “the Grey Man”, pushed needles into the area between his scrotum and anus, apparently in an effort to feel pain. An X-Ray conducted after his capture found 29 needles inside his body.

3. Jeffrey Dahmer gave out human sandwiches

Dahmer gave the neighbours in his apartment block sandwiches that may have contained his victims’ flesh. One of his neighbours said she thinks every day about how “I have probably eaten someone’s body part”.

4. The Gainesville Ripper posed his victims’ corpses

Danny Rolling would purposefully pose his victims’ bodies, often in sexually suggestive ways, to taunt and shock the police upon their arrival at the crime scene.

5. Ted Bundy used to work at a suicide hotline

Bundy, who was linked to 36 murders, with more implied but never proven, used to be employed as a phone operator convincing the depressed that killing themselves wasn’t an option.

6. Joe Metheny sold human flesh as burgers

Also dubbed “The Cannibal”, Metheny would mix the flesh of his victims with animal meat, and sell it as burgers at his food stand. “If you mix [them] together no one can tell the difference,” he later said.

7. Rodney Alcala won a dating game show in the middle of his murder spree

The origins of the nickname the “Dating Game Killer”, Alcala won an episode of The Dating Game in 1978, while he was in the midst of his murder spree. The woman he won a date with later said that they never actually met up, as he seemed too creepy when they met backstage.

8. H.H. Holmes sold his victims’ skeletons to schools

As a former medical student, the serial killer had contacts to sell the skeletons to local labs and medical schools. He and his assistant would strip the bones of flesh themselves, destroying the other remains in acid.

9. The Co-ed Killer narrated books for the blind

Ed Kemper was known as the Co-ed Killer for his murders of six female students in the early 70s. Once imprisoned, Kemper chose to narrate hundreds of books for blind people, a program for which he won two awards for.

10. Jeffrey Dahmer’s last victim could have been saved

One of Dahmer’s later victims, a 14-year-old boy, escaped from his apartment. Dahmer had drilled a hole in his head and filled it with acid, so bystanders were unable to understand him in his confused state. The police were called, but Dahmer insisted that he was his 19-year-old boyfriend and they’d had a drunken quarrel. They let him take him back to his apartment, where the boy was killed.

11. Richard Chase would only enter unlocked homes

The cannibal and serial killer known as the “Vampire of Sacramento” believed that if the home was locked, he was not welcome; if they were open he took it as a sign that he was invited into the home.

While these stories are endlessly fascinating, I think I’m going to have to take a long shower to cleanse myself of the unpleasantness. And even then, I think I’ll be looking over my shoulder for a little while. But if you’ve got more courage in your heart than me, you should check out this list of Britain’s most prolific serial killers.

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