11 Celebrities Who Were BFFs Before They Were Famous

Everything is fake in Hollywood - from the Michael Bay explosions to practically every actress' breasts. Then there are the relationships. I'm sad to say that most celebrity romances and friendships are only for show. We can pretend that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are ultimate best friend goals, but they probably hate each other behind the scenes.

The only way we really know that a Hollywood friendship is real is if it has nothing to do with fame. That's how these dynamic duos prove themselves - they were BFFs before they were A-listers. These people give me hope that Hollywood isn't all fake.

1. Naomi Watts & Nicole Kidman

You could mistake these two for twins, but they're just best friends. Back in their home country of Australia, they met at a bikini commercial audition. They've been friends ever since. Who knew they'd come this far?


2. Adam Levine & Jonah Hill

These guys seem like an odd pair to me, but they've been buds from a young age. Their dads met in a junior high principal's office, then their kids hung out all the time. Hill even officiated Levine's wedding. It just so happens that both ended up in the limelight.


3. Mel Gibson & Geoffrey Rush

This is another pair who became besties in Australia. Gibson and Rush were both struggling actors at the time. They met in the production Waiting For Godot (photographed on the left). They even lived in an apartment together.


We have Disney to thank for a couple of friendships on the next page.


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