10 People Using The North Korean Nuclear Crisis To Hook Up

With North Korea’s threats of missile tests and Donald Trump’s promise of “fire and fury”, some people are feeling the heat. The prospect of nuclear annihilation in the future is a pretty scary one, but the apocalypse is so beyond what we can comprehend that it’s easy to make light of it.

And many people across the internet are doing just that, turning their fear of the inevitable destruction of everything they know and love into humorous last-ditch attempts at getting a girlfriend or boyfriend before it’s too late.

1. A time for honesty

2. A novel approach to dating

3. Time is running out

4. It’s worth a shot

5. No such thing as over-prepared

6. Just putting it out there…

7. A brand new pick-up line

8. He’ll be drowning in messages

9. Success isn’t guaranteed

10. Maybe it’s time to call it a day

If you think about it, these kind of jokes (or are they jokes?) are simply people looking on the bright side of life. Sure, nuclear war would wipe us all out – but maybe a few of us can have one last impulsive night of partying and hooking up? Okay, it’s not that convincing, I’ll admit.

But it’s not like the world of dating is as pure and normal as we would like to think it is, as you can see from this list of really weird things everyone does on dating apps, but don’t admit.

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