10 Of The Most Bizarre Divorce Laws From Around The World

You could be forgiven for thinking that the concept of marriage is the same all over the world. You'd be wrong however, as the institution has some pretty amazing variations depending on where you live. If you're a born-again Christian, then you may want to look away now.

Logic dictates then, that these variations in marriage are the same when it comes to divorce. Delving into the archive of outdated laws, we've managed to come up with a few absolute gems concerning divorce (or conscious uncoupling as Gwyneth Paltrow would say).

Here are 10 of the most bizarre divorce laws from around the world.

1. Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, a woman has a legal ‘grounds’ for divorce if her husband fails to bring her fresh coffee every morning. I knew women liked their morning routine, but that's absolutely ridiculous.


2. Hong Kong

According to ancient Chinese law, in Hong Kong, it is legal for a woman to murder her husband if he is caught cheating. Wait one minute though, because there's a clever little catch. She can only use her bare hands to do it - so no weapons. Well that's ok then...

Divorce/girl power

3. Samoa

In Samoa, it is technically legal for a woman to file for a divorce if her other half forgets her birthday. Christ, I'd be a very single man in Samoa...



4. Scotland

In Scotland (up until 1939) if a woman wanted to pursue it, a man would legally have to marry a woman after sleeping with her. There was thinking the Scots were up for a bit of fun?


5. Kansas, America

In Kansas, a woman can file for a divorce if her husband fails to get on with her mother. Yet another place where I'd be very very single...


6. Kuwait

In Kuwait, according to an ancient law, a man can be imprisoned for looking ‘sensually’ at another woman. But this isn’t where it stops, he is also forbidden for looking lustfully at any female animal, which shouldn't need to be a law really. Dudes in Kuwait are obviously a bit weird.



7. Colorado, America

In Colorado and Hartford in the US, an old law states that a man can be thrown into jail for scowling at his wife on a Sunday. Any other day of the week is fine then? I'll save my scowls for then in that case.


8. South Carolina, America

South Carolina Casanovas could face legal action if they propose to an unwed woman to get her in the sack. The misleading promise of marriage could lead to charges under the Offenses Against Morality and Decency Act. Jesus, that's my nightclub game absolutely shot to bits.


9. Aboriginal law in Australia

Traditionally, if an Aboriginal woman in Australia wanted to separate from her husband, she could try to persuade him – or she could just go right ahead and wed another man to immediately end her marriage. That solves that problem then, sweet.


10. Delaware, America

An annulment may be granted in Delaware if one (or both) of the parties entered into the marriage as a jest or dare. Which makes you wonder how many couples tied the knot after a double dare if the state had to produce legislation on the issue.


I knew there were some weird and wonderful laws out there, but some of these take the absolute biscuit. There are lot of people out there campaigning in regard to the sanctity of marriage, but maybe they should start with abolishing some of these crazy laws. One thing's for sure though, my next holiday is definitely going to be a booze-laden trip to Delaware.

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