10 Hidden Facebook Features That Will Change Everything

Facebook never fails to blow my mind. Mainly because I can't believe how dependent we have become on the site and secondly because it's only been around for little over a decade and there's not many people in the world who don't know what it is. Congratulations Mark you are undoubtedly a legend.

With each day that passes the site is constantly evolving. Admittedly it can be bloody annoying, like when they decide to completely mix up the way your timeline is presented. Give it a few days though and you soon realise that the setup is probably better that way. However, Facebook is full of surprises and there are hacks and features popping up all over it that you probably never knew existed, like these useful tips that may change your Facebook game forever.

1. Teach friends how to pronounce your name correctly

Are you constantly wound up by people mispronouncing your name? Well, Facebook have got your back. Go to 'Your profile', click 'About', then 'Details About You', and under 'Name Pronunciation' (who knew that existed?), click 'How do you say your name'.

Teach your friends how to *actually* pronounce your name.

2. Disable 'seen' notification on messages

Don't you just hate it when a guy messages you and you want to read the message, but you also don't want to look super keen by reading it as soon he's sent it? Just me? If you're on my page then don't worry you can disable the seen receipt and avoid those awkward moments forever, but be warned it works both ways. Simply download Chat Undetected (Firefox and Internet Explorer) or Facebook Unseen (Chrome) depending on what internet browser you use.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 14.11.24

3. Export all your important events and birthdays directly into your calendar

Never live in fear of forgetting to text one of your mates the standard 'Happy Birthday Buddy' on their special day or double book your Saturday night, even though your friend created an event six months ago. Just go to 'Events' and copy one of two links: 'Upcoming Event' or 'Birthdays'.

> In Google Calendar, go to 'Other Calendars', add by URL, paste URL.

> In iCal, go to 'Calendar', 'Subscribe', paste URL.

> In Outlook, go to 'Tools', 'Account Settings', 'Internet Calendars', and yes you guessed it paste the URL.

Export all of your friends' birthdays to Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook.

4. Have a gander at 'other' messages 

I recently only discovered that Facebook has two inboxes and it blew my mind. We all know about our standard inbox, but did you know that there was an 'other' inbox? Prepare to be amazed by a selection of unknown admirers, people searching for long lost family members with the same surname, and some proper weirdos. It is surprisingly simple and you'll be extremely perplexed as to why you never noticed the feature before. Click 'Messages' and next to 'Inbox' select 'Other' instead, prepare for a cracking laugh.

Access the Facebook Messages "Other" Inbox you didn't know existed.


5. Tailor your search to a specific post

Don't waste your time scrolling deep down into the depths of your friends wall in search of one post that caught your eye ten weeks back. Look for that one post by typing in their name into the search bar and a key word, and BAM the post will appear.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 14.30.06

6. Hide your friend list 

If you are a raging loner and would rather that no one knew about it, or maybe you have too many friends and would rather people didn't find out about that either. Then head over to your 'Friends' tab, click on that little pencil guy in the corner, 'Edit Privacy' and select 'Only Me', and bobs your uncle, you could be friendless or have friends aplenty, no one will ever know.

Hide your Facebook friends list.

7. Cut out people from your post shares 

Customise who you share your posts with, it could be groups of people or it could be just one person, the world is your oyster. Select the drop down from the 'Friends' box, pick 'Custom' and insert your unwanted 'friends' into the 'Don't share this with' box.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 14.44.17

8. Stop videos from automatically playing 

This is an absolute life saver. Turn off the auto-play to avoid those awkward train journey moments. On your Facebook app (if you don't have it, get it), go to 'Settings', 'Videos and Photos', 'Auto-play' and switch that nightmare feature off by selecting 'Use Wi-fi Only'. Saving you valuable cellular data and precious battery life, it's a no brainer.

Stop Facebook from auto-playing videos in your News Feed.


9. Stop the game requests

It seems that everyday i open up my Facebook I have a notification waiting for me there, not because i'm popular, quite the opposite, it's always a bloody game request. Put an end to the madness on your app once again. Go to 'More', 'Settings', 'Notifications', 'Mobile Push' and un-tick the 'Application requests'. Wave goodbye to Candy Crush numptees and FarmVille feeds forever.


10. Pay your friends

Forgott your card reader but desperately need to pay your friend for the cash they lent you the other week? Then you can pay them via messenger, up to $10,000 per month, which is probably plenty unless you're a drug dealer. Go to 'Facebook Settings' then 'Payments'. Remember you can only pay by debit card. Yey, you finally now know why they have that little dollar sign.

Quickly send money via Messenger.

I don't know about you but I have been well and truly stumped by these discoveries, Facebook really has thought of everything. If you already knew them, then snaps for you.

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