Stunning Models From Over 100 Years Ago Who Got Your Great-Grandad’s Heart Pumping

Let’s face it, since the creation of the camera, pretty women have always been photographed for our viewing pleasure. And even before cameras, men used to keep tiny, handpainted portraits of their wives or mistresses so they could look at their beloved at any time they pleased.

While nudes were certainly in fashion for personal portraiture, the photographs of models and actresses from over a century ago were much more covered up than most of the supermodels we see today. However, that doesn’t mean they were any less gorgeous.

The ten women photographed below may all have experienced the height of their fame well over 100 years ago and would never have understood Victoria’s Secret or Playboy or becoming “Insta-famous”, but they all had legions of fans who thought they were the most beautiful women on the planet.

To be honest, every one of them is still an absolute knock-out, even by modern standards, and to think that not a single one has had a boob job, botox injection, or butt lift. These girls are the real deal and I’m sure a few photos will leave some folks wishing more models still looked like this.

Check them out, you won’t be disappointed:

1. Ione Bright, 1912

This beauty was a Broadway actress, who took part in five theatrical shows between 1910 and 1937.

2. Marjorie Leet, 1924

Stunning Marjorie was born in Iowa and is best known for acting in the movies Encounter and On Camera.

3. Vanessa Parker, 1900

This turn of the century knock-out was the picture of perfection.

This next model is perhaps the most beautiful on this list…

4. Lota Cheek, 1923

Miss Lota Cheek won a New York City beauty competition in 1922, but her career was tarnished after being named in a divorce case.

5. Dorothy Mackaill, 1923

This absolute stunner was a British-American actress, most notably of the silent-film era and into the early 1930s.

6. Maude Fealy, 1908

Maude was born in Memphis, Tennessee but quickly became a star of the silent film era. Her talents crossed over into the “talkies” and she died in Los Angeles in 1971.

We’ve found some incredible footage of the gorgeous Maude Fealy from her silent film days.

Check out the video below to witness her in all her glory in a selection of clips from her various movie roles. If nothing else, it will leave you with a serious case of hair envy. Seriously, that girl is a knock-out:

7. Minnie Ashley, 1897

Minnie was a great beauty of the stage at the end of the 19th century. She was best known for her singing and dancing talents.

Check out this next stunning actress who received international attention…

8. Evelyn Laye, 1922

This beauty was an English theatre and film actress who brought her talents to London, New York, and Hollywood.

9. Connie Stuart, 1899

Connie was a 19th-century model. Her prints are now in the National Portrait Gallery.

10. Belle Otero, 1891

Belle was a Spanish actor, dancer, and courtesan.

So many of these beautiful women were also incredibly talented and creative actors and dancers. It would only be fitting that you got to see one of them in action.


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