10 Facts About The Royal Nanny And The Exclusive Training School She Attended

Now that Will and Kate have three children, surely they have some help to keep them in line? After all, a Royal palace certainly would provide for some entertaining games of hide-and-seek and all sorts of other mischievous activities.

The Royal couple does indeed have a nanny. She’s a 40-something Spanish-born woman named Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, and she attended the exclusive Nordland School for nannies, which is probably the most prestigious school that you’ve never heard of!

If you’d like to learn what it takes to become a Royal nanny, check out the video below:

Here’s are ten facts about Borrallo that you need to know…

1. She wasn’t Will and Kate’s first nanny

At first, Will and Kate did not want to have a nanny. However, after Prince George was born in 2013, one of the Queen’s housemaids came to help with the chores. Eventually, Will’s old Nanny, 74-year-old Jessie Webb, came out of retirement as a temporary fix.

It was only after this that the Royal couple hired Turrion Borrallo, and she’s been with the family ever since.

2. She lives at Kensington Palace

Yes, Turrion Borrallo is a live-in nanny and resides on the Kensington Palace compound. This means she also lives with Harry and Meghan.

3. She travels overseas with the family

Children need minding on international Royal excursions, as well! This means Turrion Borrallo gets to go on all those fancy trips with the family, too. She traveled with them to Canada in 2016 and then went to Poland and Germany in 2017. She also attended their trip to Australia back in 2014.

Did you know she’s also trained in anti-terrorist techniques…?

4. She’s trained in self-defense, anti-terrorism techniques, and defensive driving

Turrion Borrallo attended the prestigious Norland School for nannies, which prepares them for every situation imaginable. Self-defense, anti-terrorism techniques, and defensive driving skills are a must. It’s likely she can handle a car better than you can!

5. The Nordland school is one of a kind in England

The exclusive school offers a four-year program open to about 90 students at a time. Each student receives a degree in child studies from the University of Gloucestershire and a Norland Diploma. The tuition is about $19,000 per year, and a one-year placement with a family is required to graduate.

6. Nordland school grads work for the most prestigious families in the world

Many celebrities look to hire Nordland grads and each graduate can expect to be offered six job opportunities upon finishing their studies. Most go on to work for diplomats, politicians, and rock stars.

7. Turrion Borrallo is teaching George and Charlotte a second language

Turrion Borrallo, who was born in Spain, is reportedly teaching her language to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Apparently, young George has easily taken to learning Spanish and, as a preschooler, could already count to ten.

But what’s up with her strange uniform…?

8. She wears a strange uniform

Turrion Borrallo has been seen wearing a brown frock and hat – even to Pippa Middleton’s wedding and Princess Charlotte’s christening. It may seem odd, but this is the uniform given to Nordland graduates.

While a student, Turrion Borrallo would have only been allowed to wear minimal makeup and she would have to wear her hair up. Students are allowed one pair of stud earrings and must wear felt lace-up shoes.

Upon graduating, the uniform is not mandatory but can be worn for special occasions, as Turrion Borrallo chooses to do.

9. She has great taste in clothes

While her nanny uniform may not be very fashionable, Turrion Borrallo has great taste, especially when it comes to baby clothes. It’s reported that Princess Charlotte’s handmade Spanish cream bonnet that she wore outside the Lindo wing in 2015 was a gift from her nanny.

10. She makes a lot of money

Reportedly, a principal at the Norland school claimed that experienced nannies working in London can make about £75,000 a year, which is over $100,000.

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