Lil Jon Tells TMZ That Dave Chappelle Ruined His Life

Lil Jon is possibly best known for his collaboration with megastar Usher on the 2005 smash hit “Yeah”, a song that propelled the rapper into mainstream consciousness with his exuberant performance style becoming something of a trademark.

More recently, the rapper collaborated with producer DJ Snake on another hit, Turn Down For What, which became a club regular in the year following its release in 2014. Lil Jon has also made notable appearances on the Celebrity Apprentice (twice), Hell’s Kitchen and Wild ‘n Out, carving a successful career in entertainment that spans two decades and includes a Grammy win for “Yeah” with Usher.

Arguably, though, some of Lil Jon’s mainstream appeal can be attributed to comedy legend Dave Chappelle, who, for a time could not get enough of the rapper, sending him up in a series of popular television sketches that included visits to the doctors and phone calls with Oprah.

Now, after being asked by TMZ about his relationship with Chapelle, Lil Jon says “every time I see him, I tell him, you know like that night I was like ‘you ruined my life!'”

The rapper goes on to praise Chappelle, though, crediting the comedian for helping him to reach “way more people than my music would’ve ever reached.”

It appears that there are no hard feelings between Chappelle and Lil Jon over the series of sketches, indeed the rappers seems grateful to the comedian for widening his reach and introducing him to potential new fans.

“That sketch, man, it changed my life.”

When asked what he meant when he said that Chappelle had ruined his life, Lil Jon laughs and explains, “Because I can’t go nowhere without people screaming ‘Yeah!'”

Dave Chappelle, meanwhile, is back, with three new stand-up specials set to hit Netflix early next week. The comedian is often held in regard as one of the all-time greats, known for his conversational delivery style coupled with, at times, sensitive topics.

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